Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finally! Yes!

Well first I'm finally actually writing a blog post.  Pictures form instagram dont count.  I tend to post a lot over there so please follow me.  There is a button over there on the left.

Yesterday I was hanging out in Sew Original after a doctor appointment when I heard someone mention Karen Gray and meeting.  Modern Fabric Therapy group!  I have never gotten to go because they meet at the little general second Wednesday of the month at 12:30.  Im usally at work.  But since I dont go back to work until Monday I ran right over to hang with some friends.
photo from Karen Gray's blog link above
Karen had the shop set for the meeting with yummy goodies to nibble.  She has a block of of the month which I am going to do.  Its all solids from Free Spirit and she provides kits and patterns for sale each month.  Unfortunately Free Spirit has just changed all their solids so I'm going to wait until she has the newly rewritten pattern with the new colors.  The background is going to be a lovely light aqua!

It was great that my guildmate Lee of the blog May Chappell was there to demo how to make a lined zipper pouch.  She had lot of great hints which were so practical and logical!  Im going to use them as they look like it would make pouches easier to sew!

As I remember:

1.  Use chamois for the front pieces instead of batting.  No third layer required and quilts nicely.
2.  Use a small folded square just on the top of the ends of the zipper to add that little decorative detail.  
3. Always top stitch along the zipper-I do this but thought it worth saying.
4. Sew just the sides next to the zipper ends first and then check
5.  Once the lining and outside are attached to the zipper sew down the sides AWAY from the zipper (this was a real duh moment!)
6. Clip a half moon at the seam next to the zipper ends to remove bulk and make turning easy (another duh!)

Lee really is a perfectionist!  She used different thread weights to topstitch and to assemble!  

After the demo we were treated to show and tell.  As I didnt know I was coming I did not have any quilts but I did show my one hexie flower.  Here are a few of the quilts I took pictures of.
Sew Sisters pattern

We had a cute little visitor at the beginning of the meeting-baby Brooks with his mama Gina!

I have a zillion photos from my west trip.  Ill try to do some posts and get ya caught up on that and my quilting retreat.

keep dreaming...Colleen
my new tea diffuser from TJ Maxx


Katie said...

I love that third one down with the L's this would be an interesting way to display crumb blocks I think. DO you remember who showed that one?

Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks for the mini quilt show, there's a lot of wonderful quilts there.

Carrie P. said...

It was good to have you there and at guild. It is a fun time.