Monday, September 2, 2013

Quiltville Labor Day Yard sale!

Today over at Quiltville Bonnie Hunter is sponsoring a Labor Day yard sale!

Please leave the number of the item you want with Paypal email.  
I will only invoice through Paypal, with cheapest shipping combined on all items purchased.
 Here is what I am offering:

1.  gallon baggie stuffed with scraps. $4

2.  gallon baggie stuffed with scraps. $4

3  gallon baggie C stuffed with scraps. $4

4. about 150 6.5" Christmas and cream charm squares $6 SOLD

5.  Just under 3 yards of 52" wide blue&green plaid $9

6.  about 72" by 30" green leaves on blue $5 SOLD

7.  25" x 42" patriotic  preprinted quilt panel $3

8. 32" green and cream tribal stripe $3 SOLD

9.  1 yard Hoffman Celestials print $4

I will invoice and ship as soon as payment is recieved.

keep dreaming...Colleen


Peggy Aront said...

Is the patriotic panel still available?


Abby said...

I want numbers 6 and 8. My paypal email is (you'll need to squish it together) a b b y f u l l e r (at) i d a h o (dot) n e t.


Melinda in Tulsa said...

I would like to have # 4

Melinda . Stone @ gmail . Com

Thank you

I also sent you an email earlier with my address

Melinda in Tulsa said...

I haven't heard back from you or received a Paypal invoice. Does this mean #4 was sold to someone else?

Thank you