Sunday, February 9, 2014

Project Quilting challenge 3: Sweet Treats

Yes I am still here.  Im sorry I havent been blogging.  I tend to instagram and have ignored the blog.  But I am here today to share my Season 5, Challenge 3 entry for Project quilting.  And no I didnt finish challenge 2.  I just did not have time that week.

Sweet Treats is the theme.  When I first saw it Last Sunday I found this picture googling..

Pixie Stix!  
It was what popped into my head.  I remembered all the times when I visited my Grandma in Jacobus, PA.  We would walk a couple blocks up the road to the small grocery and she would buy me a bag of pixie stix.

So Monday I picked some scraps I thought looked like pixie stix colors.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I cut them into 2 inch strips and made the pixie stix.  I pulled a stack of white kona scraps already cut into 2" strips.  Using my ruler and the 45 degree line created cuts to  make the stripes on the stix.

Then I felt like I needed more.  Rock Candy popped into my brain.  I ALWAYS would buy it when on trips from specialty stores.  I went to itunes when a friend mentioned the song Rock Candy Mountain.  I had never heard it before and it lead me to searching for pixie stix songs and I discovered Red Wax Lips & Pixie Stix!  I was inspired as red wax lips was another childhood favorite I use to buy at the WaWa store near my house.  So after looking at some images on google I drew up a pattern.  I traced it onto fusible and then found some old red hand dyed that had lovely texture and color shading perfect for lips.  I used a feather stitch to outline after adhering.  It only took about 30 minutes on Thursday to make. 

Then I was stuck.  I kept arranging the pixie stix and red wax lips in a swirl pattern trying to figure out which way to go.  Rock candy still was stuck in my mind but I wasn't sure how to make it.  Then inspiration struck Saturday.  I pulled a candy pink and blue from the hand dyeds.  I freehand cut about a 9" wedge and then some small 3/4 to 1" squares.  I fused everything down.  The stick was another hand dyed, a thin strip pieced with the back ground.

I worked on the layout until I found one that worked. 

 I added a little button candy (another childhood fav) to fill in a hole in my border.  Used Pat Sloan's selvedge fabric.

I quilted it in a large swirl.  Its funny I knew how I wanted to quilt it before I had even had the top figured out. 
 I used a fun and quirky large scale floral for the back.  

I tried a few bindings until I pulled a favorite stripe out.  Funny thing is I cut it all up and ironed it and then realized I had a ton already made from a previous project.  

I sat and hand finished the binding watching Monarch of the Glen on Netflix.  I had been watching Psych but ran out of episodes.

title:  Candy Dreams:  Red Wax Lips & Pixie Stix, Rock candy Dreams
design:  original by Colleen Charlotte Yarnell
size: 35" x 35"
Location: Lewisville, NC
Challenge:  Project quilting season 5, challenge 3, Sweet Treats
Inspriation:  My favorite candies from childhood and the title of a song.

Keep Dreaming...Colleen

ps I just remembered why I dont blog so much.  Putting in pictures from flickr has become a real pain.


Carrie P. said...

I love your little quilt. such a cute idea.

Jenny Squawk said...

Scrumptious! Great sugary treats.

I've fallen into the IG trap, too. I've been sending most of my IG pics to flickr with the idea of blogging in the future.