Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So Im trying to blog at least once a week.  So I thought I would share a new instagram hashtag I have been using.  instagram is where I normally post.  You can check out my stream and follow me over there on the right.  

But about that hashtag....

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville is starting a new Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt on Black Friday.  I went ahead and pulled Denyse Schmidt fabrics.  

I have a lot of her fabrics. You could say I'm a bit of an addict.  I think it will make a great quilt.

I participated in her Celtic Solstice Mystery last year but did not finish it.

I had all the pieces for the blocks assembled and just had to sew them together.

So I started to sew a little each night and finally assembled all 49 blocks!  There are arre 2,140 pieces in just these blocks!  I also pinned up fabric to use for the two solid borders and the binding.

I have started to sew them into rows.  Five rows sewn and two left to go!  Then 3 borders!

If you noticed that the middle block of the third row is different, its
 not an accident.  During the assembly many other quilters realized if you flipped the pieces you could change the look of the block.  I decided to do it just for the middle.  

I am linking this up to Jo's Country Junction where those of us with Bonnie Hunter UFOs are trying to finish one before the next mystery starts.

Oh I still have three other Bonnie Hunter UFOs.  This is my scrappy trip. 

 It needs a backing but I just can't decide.
My Collaboration Celebration quilt from the Summer retreat in 2013.
The rest is in pieces.  

This is about how far my Lazy Sunday Mystery from Quiltmaker magazine has gotten.
I dont like the fabric Im using from my stash.  
Im in #ufoquiltingorbust mode.  Except for the new mystery.  

keep dreaming...Colleen
I made some Sofia fabric on Spoonflower from one of her cute pictures.
 I flipped the image so I could make a two sided stuffie.


Laura said...

Your Celtic Solstice is looking great. Keep it up!

I encourage you to finish Lazy Sunday even if you don't like the fabric. I used some UGLY browns in my Lazy Sunday, and it still looks great!

Lana said...

First...LOOK AT THAT STASH! You have some GREAT Beginnings and near finishes there! Can't wait to see them finished!!!