Sunday, September 26, 2010

a challenge

Doesn't every quilter love a challenge?  Challenges motivate me to stretch my creative brain muscles and see fabric in a new way.  I have been exploring the world of quilt embellishment and art quilts.  I started using fleece to embellish anything - like the dinosaur scene on this baby quilt.  I was working my way up to wool. 

So I joined a felting forum to learn more about wool embellishment techniques and guess what? 

Wool people have challenges too!

Their September challenge was to create a mostly wool piece using one of the four elements as a theme. 

I decided to use some beautiful green hand dyed wool as a base. 

I bought it from fiber artist Karen Poetzinger at our last guild meeting. 

I used my new felting tools and Singer Embellishment machine and dry felted a butterfly with swirls.

I added some fancy yarns and beads to the border and the butterfly.

That was going to be it.  A felted wool wall hanging.  But with quilters never is anything so simple...more later.

keep dreaming....Colleen aka 'butterflygirl'

PS I'm trying to up my blog followers...pass this on to your crafty quilting friends I'm giving away a great gift soon!  More to come!