Monday, September 27, 2010

One Thing, One Week challenge

So I had been dragging my feet on finishing my blocks for the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along

Then Amy's Creative Side made the challenge to finish one UFO project by this past Sunday. 

So I thought why not and I pulled out the pieces and finished all of the blocks.

I then laid out the blocks on my bed and figured out how I wanted them to be arranged. 

I really need a large blank wall to make a design wall. 
I miss the black felt one I had in my first studio.

I used the black blocks to add interest to the pattern. 

The greens were all from a jelly roll and the purple was from my stash.

Finally I pinned and labeled all of my rows ( or columns). 

The quilt is 10 rows by 8 columns.

Then with only one or two mix ups I sewed the top completely together.

It looks great! 

I just am not sure if I want to sash it and make it bigger or just finish it as is. 
I'm just happy I completed it before the FQ sent out the last set of instructions to finish the quilt.  I might baste it at the church Snack and Craft tomorrow night. I don't really have room to baste in my house.

Keep dreaming...Colleen aka 'butterflygirl'

PS Don't forget the Fall quilters Bloggers Giveway starts soon!  I'll being giving away some cool quilter's things!


Garilyn said...

Looks great. I like the purple and greens together. This quilt pattern is on my want-to-do list.

Barb in Mi said...

Love it! And one thing completed - congrats!
If it's big enough I probably wouldn't sash it - but that's just my opinion...

Judy said...

Nice job! Love the colors and that pattern is one on my list!

Robin said...

Wow! The top looks awesome! Congrats on a goal met!

Anonymous said...

I like how that turned out, and I Love the star fabric in the middle of each square ♥

~ Meagan

Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

Love the simplicity of this design, and your fabric choices are great! Congrats on a great goal met :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again on winning Amy's Charm Pack drawing!

harleywife57 said...

Congrats of winning the CHARM PACK and on FINISHING your challenge ! And it is very very pretty !!

momto2wasd said...

I really like how that turned out with the color variations and accents!

Rhonda P. said...

Looks great! love the colors!