Monday, November 8, 2010

Star trek boldly go...

where I haven't been in a while...Let's do the timewarp again....

OK, So as I am sorting through all of my treasures packed away in the trunk.

Treasure trunk
I am finding these great quilt block sets ready to sew up into quilts. They were all made through Quiltnet/Q-xchg exchanges back when I was learning to quilt. I think back then I didn't know what to do with assembling and quilting larger quilts. I was scared of doing it wrong. I had mostly done small wall hangings. Now I am like , whatever, I want finished quilts!

I have 12- 24 of each of the following: 12 inch sunflower fabric star blocks, 12" Amish blocks, 12 " Hoffman challenge blocks(only 6 of these), 12 " black and white cat blocks, 12" Hoffman purple butterfly fabric star blocks.

I also have multiple sets of 9patches: 59 Christmas fabric, 24 Amish, novelty print, and a ton of other fabrics. Enough for at least 4 quilts. Oh also the one top I put together with 9patches, I just have to piece the back and I am already bartering for the machine quilting.

I also have 8 inch colorful pieced cat blocks. 2 border exchange round robin wall hangings-one partially hand quilted and in the lap hoop for the last ten years(makes a great decoration, LOL). I probably missed something but as you can see my goal for 2011-and I am setting it early - is to finish UFOs. These are all quilts I really want! Other then some vintage and a few family quilts I only have a couple wall hangings and 1 throw quilt I have kept that I made.

Romulan warbird, live long and prosper, Spot Data's cat, tribbles

But what I wanted to talk to you about today is the Star Trek blocks. I have a set of 20 blocks, many appliqued, all really cool, combining themes from original and next generation series. My dad has been waiting for this quilt for at least 16 years-yikes! I just saw the date-they were sewn in 1994!.

Starship Enterpise, original
 OK so I remember back in the day (1994-5) I had the Blockbuster Quilts book and I was going to do some awesome cool innovative setting. (Somewhere I have endless drawings).

Next Gen uniform, Picard sihloette, Entity(ST movie)
  I don't think that is me. I think I just want to sash them in black or black based celestial fabric. With a celestial border. I do have all of those celestial fabrics form the 90s. Heck most of my stash is from the 90s.

Speak Klingon?

transporter, feneration symbols, entity

Borg ship

shuttle craft

Romulan warbird

Have you figured out what each block represents yet? They are all really cool!  Gosh sewing together should be simple but how will I quilt it?

Keep dreaming...Colleen aka 'butterflygirl'


Jen said...

Maybe you could do custom in each block, like swirls for space and straight lines for flying. I love the blocks though! Can't wait to see it finished!

Barb said...

wow, that is going to be one awesome quilt for your dad......

FabricsNQuilts said...

That is really neat! Must be fun discovering all the projects tucked away. I think quilting each block uniquely would be great too.