Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bonnie Hunter's Challenge

Last year Bonnie Hunter issued a leader ender challenge.  What are leader enders?  When piecing you have a easy pieceing project stacked next to your sewing machine that you can feed at then end of every section you piece.  Leave these pieces in the sewing machine. This saves you from wasting lots of thread and you leaving these in the machines so when piecing your next project these 'enders' become 'leaders '.  Bonnie wanted to make cheddar bowties.  Scraps for the tie and cheddar color for the back ground like the vintage quilts you can find in antique malls.
BTW the green bucket is where I have been stacking them.  I need a bigger container!
So here is how many I have made so far 100!  I need to go back through my scrap bins and cut more.  I cut the sizes needed and then stack them in block groups so I can grab the pieces for one block at a time.

  I may need to change my back ground fabric as I had been using all those tone on tone printed muslins(ya know form the 90's).  I think I have cut them all up so I might go for unbleached muslin(I seem to have various pieces of that too!)
Here is the link up blog post where you can see everyone's bow ties so far!

Keep Dreaming...Colleen

A new necklace design I made.  Do you think it would sell?  I have lots of wire in different colors and plenty of beads. 
I need to use up some bead stash as well as fabric stash.


Bailey said...

Saw necklaces like that on groopdealz just before Christmas. They are cute and I'm sure they sell well.

kheli said...

The bow ties are so cute! I keep thinking about about procuring some cheddar...

Carrie P. said...

I think the leader enders is a great idea. I did that one year and had a nice quilt when I finished.