Saturday, January 28, 2012

I need Monk!

How can I loose 2 yards of Kona orange! ?!  It is somewhere though not were the rest of my fabric is!  I don't know if I ever told the tale of the etsy store that messed up my order.  This past October I ordered a scrap bag from a now defunct fabric store.  I also ordered a yard of orange Kona at a special price.  Well 2 weeks go by and I get the orange but no scrap bag.  So I convo'd with the store and and realized she sent me two yards of the orange.  Well I wanted my scrap bag and the invoice was correct. So finally they said they would send it to me.  And then nothing for a month.  I convo'd nothing.  I checked the feedback and saw a lot of negative feedback and orders paid for but not received.  It was getting close to the limit for filing a claim so I left negative feed back on the scrap bag only and filed a claim  I think what was most disturbing was the negative feed back the owner had written on some of the customers.  Very mean spirited and a little paranoid and ranting.  I waited until the last minute to file a paypal claim as well.  I wanted to give the person every opportunity to make it right.  It was only around $6 but it was an order not filled.  Do you know you can loose your etsy privileges if you don't handle complaints?  And Paypal will strip you of your account!  Believe it or not I did get a refund through paypal at the very last minute.  I had the convo as my proof and the invoice. So I closed my etsy claim.  That will teach me to order from a store I don't know through the blogs or flickr.  Though I did check the original feedback before I ordered and it was 99%.  

Todaythere was an awesome sale at Karen Gray's.  She carries Westminster fabrics.  She had her $6 wall fabrics (older lines) $4.95 a yard!  Christmas fabrics $3.95!  rayons $9.95!   Valorie Wells linens and decorator fabrics $13.95.  fat quarters $2.30!  books 1/2 price kits 1/2 price!  It was an awesome sale!  Between  my etsy sale money I bought some fabrics to fill in some color needs.  

I also spent the day rearranging my studio.  I needed to put my BL Sofia desk behind my big desk so I could just swivel and do my embroidery.  If I need to machine quilt I will move it to the big desk for more room.  I also made things less cluttered looking.  I hate clutter and  it was getting on my nerves.  Dad would be proud that I hung the green shelf all by myself. I put my sewing notions and box collections from various relatives on it.  I also found the perfect place to hang my Victorian clothes dryer.  And if you look in the picture below you see a round object under the shelf.  That ia a cleat plastic sewing box.  I have my wooden spools in it.  I figured out how to put it on the wall.  I used packing tape to hold it closed and a nail with no head which fit in one of the spool holder holes.  Yeah!  I also reorgainzed my thread and embroidery threads.

Ok so I am tired and rambling.  Good night!

Keep dreaming...Colleen
Have you seen DS Quilts new Aunt Edna at Joann's?  Lucious!


beaquilter said...

hope you find the orange.... yeah I've heard from a friend who got kicked out from paypal/ ebay when she had just ONE complaint and it wasn't her fault....

Sara said...

I didn't know they were that strict on Etsy that is a bummer!! Glad you got it worked out finally.

Your sewing room looks really cozy and cute:)