Monday, February 27, 2012

just a few things...

A little goodness and inspiration in the mail today...

 I pre-ordered this sometime ago.    I don't buy many books but couldn't resist this one!  And it came autographed!

Between my recent online yard sales, etsy sales, etc...I have a healthy fabric budget.  Still saving for when FMF comes out next month.  But meanwhile I picked up a few things I needed on sale at The Fat Quarter Shop.

Some yummy linen, a little Aneela Hoey, a fabric glue pen, some hexie papers and more.

This past Saturday my Daddy and I changed my front and rear shocks on my jeep.  

I love my daddy he is so shockingly handy!

And tonight I had my No Boundaries training sponsored by Fleet Feet.  

We did 2.75 miles starting all the way up the stroll way by Old Salem including the killer hill.  Luckily we did that first. Then looped back through Old Salem to the teapot and back to the Gateway Family Practice for stretches, crunches(ugh) and push-ups(ugh ugh)!  I didn't get to partner stretch and I'm feeling it in my legs (ugh ugh ugh)!  But I survived.  BTW my fav fast walking (cause I don't run) music is the Las Vegas TV show soundtrack. I through a little fast paced Glee at the end too.  It is eclectic and rocks!

Keep dreaming....Colleen
My two favs Kalli-cat and my featherweight!


Barb said...

YOu are so lucky to have a father that want to help...