Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy Little Sewer

I have had a busy week.  That said all my weeks for the past month have been busy.  I started tutoring 2 days a week after school until 4:30 and train 2 days a week from 6-7.  On top of that throw in  BOM meeting this week, a couple of quilts I need to finish for next weekends quilt show.  So before we recap the week in photos here is some eye candy from my good friend Karen Gray's store I picked up Friday.
Don't you love the way she wraps (neater though I had rewrapped this)!
1 yard each of Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy re-release!!!
And it is mine, all mine!  I saved up a Christmas gift certificate, money from destashes, and Etsy sales.  He he he!
No Boundries training sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports.  150 idividuals and 20+mentor trainers.  Fun times.  Monday we did 3 miles along the Salem Creek Green way.  That is my new light as the paths get dark.
(I couldn't stop to take the pic hence the blurriness)

Thursday Staci the drill seargant showed us correct running posture.
I was mentally preparing for the route.
2 miles up the Strollway with the Killer hill in the middle.  

It was easy this time!  I was smiling when I reached the top.  

I only walk and one of the runners said "Girl your walking is faster then my running".  
I finished the binding on my red and white quilt.  Today I'm putting in the label and the hanging sleeve.
Here are some close ups of the quilting.

I used just a little bit of the variegated thread with the tiniest block.  It makes it look as if it is blowing in the wind.  I like how it gives the whole quilt the look as if the blocks are being tossed in about.

The rest of the red background I free motioned quilted with my Sofia last Sunday in a tiny loop.
Then I quilted the MQG Habitat Challenge quilt. 

Notice that is NOT my Babylock Sofia sewing machine.  It locked up just as I started to quilt.  So I called Sewingly Yours and they told me to bring it in and gave me a nice used Viking 400 as a loaner.  I loved how it quilted!  It came with a sewing extension table that worked great.  I hope my Sofia is feeling better soon.

It set me back about 2 hours total.  I quilted the middle and then I took a nap as I had been up late the night before.  Then I finished the corners

I used the Habitat scraps from the top to make the binding and attached it.  Then I had to stop as my friend Caroline from work was having an art show at Krankies Coffee in downtown Winston-Salem.
Dancing Girl by Caroline Sanders
She carves wood and linoleum to creat wonderful prints.  Lots of friends came , met some neat people, it was a great opening!
When I got home I decided to hand stitch the binding until it was done.  
Thanks to Oh, Fransson!'s binding tutorial for helping me get my binding mojo back.  I don't know why I was so crazy with my stiching on the red and white quilt(it looks fine).  My stiching on the Habitat quilt rocked!
I am hoping to get some great outdoor pics of the finished quilts at mom and dad's later so will hold of posting bad indoor pictures.  Again if you want to come out and see them in person come to the Forsyth Piecer's and Quilter's quilt show

Keep dreaming...Colleen
Kalli-cat loves to hang out with me in the studio!


Sara said...

Congrats on your walking adventure. I started walking too just about every night after dinner. I like to walk so it has been nice instead of torture! My son and I went to the park yesterday and I ran up and down a hill 10 times for 15min. I did it as a cardio workout and it works cuz I am feeling it today here and there!

I like your red and white quilt and your Habitat one! That is really cool that they let you borrow another sewing machine for the time being:)

Enjoy your Sunday:):):)

Carrie P. said...

Lucky girl! getting all that pretty fabric.
You have been busy and it looks like you will make it just in time for time to turn your quilts in for the show.

kheli said...

The stitching looks lovely. I am looking forward to the show next weekend!

Paige said...

Good for you Colleen! And you're not "only" walking. You're awesome!