Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Ive been so busy cleaning out this summer that I have hardly done any bloggin on my summer off.  I will have to catch up soon.
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This year as we have every year since 1986, 
I will spend the 4th of July with these people having a huge party.
that georgeous green umbrella is my vintage $5 find about 10 years ago.
It is always a great picnic with family, neighbors, and friends.  Yummy food too!

And I leave you with the words I quilted on this quilt I made for my Dad a long time go.

to be free
Life liberty 
and the 
pursuit of 
All people 
are created equal
The great melting pot
we hold these truths
 to be self evident
and the greatest of these 
is love"

keep dreaming...Colleen
My plan for the above quilt.  Notice the date designed 4/9/95.
 I remember sitting in the park on a nice spring day doing this.