Saturday, July 14, 2012

I jumped...& Friday Night Sewin

Well I am a lemming.  You know those cute little animals that will follow the crowd even to their death.  Yep that's me, experiencing death by quilting or rather Great Granny along.  

I blame Carrie P.  Her blog pushed me over the edge.  For months I have been seeing these granny square quilt-alongs.  I have pinned tutorials.  I have soaked up the retro scrappy goodness of the pattern but ignored the urges to make one.  And then I followed everyone over the cliff.  Last night, after reading Carrie's blog, it hit me I had about 2 jelly rolls worth of feed sack prints, a couple yards of kona coal, and a desire to make myself a vacation quilt.  So...I...jumped.

This is what I had finished before I went to bed, 16 block segments 
(I thought I had 18, it was too late when I wen to bed).

This morning I sewed everything together and made two more blocks .

( I still thought I had 20 now)

I squared them up to 9".  Imagingermonkey's tutorial said 9.25 but my 1/4 foot is not a scant.
I messed around with some layouts on the design wall. And realized I only had 18 blocks, so...

 I took a break and went out for lunch and to run a few errands.  
It is Dress like a cow day at Chick-fil-a.  I couldn't miss that.

When I was out I stopped at Joanne's to get some more kona coal with my 50% coupon.  When I returned I played around with the layout in MS Publisher. 

 I took this picture and uploaded it, copied, and pasted it.  Then I copied it 17x and did a layout on a dark gray background.

I decided on this layout.  I addeded a 10" border to make it 62.5 inch square as a finished size.

I have one left over square and I took some of the many strips I had left that matched the 13 different ones I used in the blocks and whipped up a binding.  
(I need some more of these old bobbins-they're great for storing binding!)

I'm trying to think of how to quilt this and what to do with the leftover block.  Rainbowrobot suggested a matching pillow.  Im thinking a travel pillow as this will be my vacation quilt.  I plan on machine quilting it this weekend.  I can finish the binding traveling in the car on vacation.
I also continued to clean out drawers and shelves in my studio.  Ive been really getting rid of things.
Check out the FridayNight Sewin crowd and see what everyone else is sewing.

Handmade by Heidi

keep dreaming...Colleen
QuiltCon blocks made by the Triad MQG.  I sent them today to Elizabeth Hartman!


Jessica said...

Love!! The fabrics work so well with Kona Coal - and I think the pillow would be a great idea! You could make a tote bag out of the block, too... and those QuiltCon blocks are beautiful!

Sara said...

That looks like a blast Colleen!! Quilting all night and then the morning and then afternoon--sweet bliss!! Cool binding gadget too.

Carrie P. said...

Well, I guess you can blame me. lol You have been sewing up a storm. They look fabulous. I worked on a couple more today.
those quiltcon blocks look great on your design wall.

kheli said...

This is gorgeous Colleen! I am putting the Granny Square on my to do list!

Jennifer W. said...

You did all those blocks in one evening? That's amazing. Great FNSI result. :)

Barb said...

You sure jumped in with both them!