Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympic craze

Did you succumb to the Olympic Craze?  I was on vacation on a lake in Canada when the Olympics started.

I managed to watch most of the opening ceremonies and live, not delayed.  They have different, a little weird tv channels up there.  Well I had picked up a fat quarter here or there of the London by Makower UK for Andover fabrics.  One day I visited a new quilt store in Northern Greensboro called Studio Stitch.  They had a 3 day Olympic event.  I played ping pong and got an extra 7% off on top of the sale price and got a few more.

I was in a UK fever then.  I pulled white, red, and blue from my stash.  I knew I wanted to use my quilt sense wonder triangles.  So I cut a bunch of triangles and played. I was a little obsessed with pieced hexagons.  I was inspired by a quilt in the Festival of Hexagons.  I sewed red and blue solids between the hexagons.  I was going to use white but thought it too stark.  Some one told me it look like a crown!

Then I knew I wanted to sew the UK flag.
  Not one of the many patterns for a small block.  And definitely not a whole quilt worth.  Just one, large UK flag.  So I did.  Freestyle with no pattern.  
Of course I had the flag part all sewn together and realized I had forgotten to add the white strips on the side of the center red stripe.  Rippers are my friend.  Im pleased with how it turned out.

I then took some leftover fabric and a few pieces I saved and pieced a back. I almost like it better than the front.  
I love taking pictures on the patio in my pictures back yard.


Now Im not sure about quilting it.  I think I might just stick it away until I get through all of the wedding stuff

keep dreaming...Colleen
I have some Heather Ross Craftee Chole going into my Etsy shop.


kheli said...

I love how the triangle blocks at the top look like a crown! Awesome quilt!

Janet said...

Weird tv in Canada? We just lost our access to CBC and lost our access to APTN about six months ago. Now we get no tv. :0 Your flag quilt is great. I agree the triangles look like a crown. Very apropos.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your quilt! I bet it would be beautiful with an allover pattern of loops - would give it lots of movement. :) blessings, marlene

SewCalGal said...

What a beautiful quilt that has such a wonderful story. Love it.