Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vote for Pets on Quilts

Pets on Quilts

The voting has opened for Pets on Quilts!

 I have entered the oh so not photogenic Kall-cat.  You can read her entry here.  

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Kalli-cat is #139 and you can see all the entries here.

Here are the categories:

Dog on quilt or dog theme quilt: # of the photo
Cat on quilt or cat themed quilt: # of the photo
Other pet on quilt or other pet themed quilt: # of the photo
Best EQ pet theme quilt design: # of the photo
Best Art quilt: # of the photo

My DS Quilts FQ Destash is going on in my Etsy store.

You an see a run down of all the packs here.

Ok one small rant. I don't usually but it has become an all time annoyance and pet peeve.  I really like Blogher and their blogs. They have interesting articles and information that supports bloggers.  However their random pop up and moving ads on peoples blogs are SO ANNOYING!  I use to click on their ads some times when I saw something that interested me. However now they seem to attack my screen and interrupt my blog reading.  I have to spend valuable time and clicks getting rid of them.  Sometimes I even just go to the next blog without reading it because I get frustrated with multiple pop-ups.  They are supposed to be a group that supports and promotes blogging, instead their intrusive ads are actually hurting their main cause.  I hope some how this message gets out.  Or my blog roll is going to get a lot smaller.  Life is too short to deal with unwanted intrusions when I'm reading my blogs, it's supposed to be my calm, fun, me-time.


Keep dreaming...Colleen
Please stop moving Kalli-cat and let me get a non-blurry picture!


Jessica said...

The cat pictures are precious! All the pet pics make me smile :) Also, I totally know what you mean about Blogher!

Christine M said...

I find those ads annoying too. Good luck in the Pets on Quilts.