Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Please vote for Me!

OMG!!! I thought it was awesome when I had 2 quilts in the Accuquilt Barn quilt contest top 100 last year!

This year I have 4!!!!!!
Please vote for me!!!  

They will look great on the side of a barn!

Sorry if I was a little excited there.  I was hoping to at least have two of my 6 designs in the top 100.  I never expected 4!  Most of my designs are inspired from actual quilts I have made through the past year.  I change layout, design and color.  You want a design that will stand out in large scale, and be able to be seen on the side of a barn up high.

BTW with this top 100 I will finally have enough Accuquilt points to get a Go! Baby!

I hope you will consider voting for my 4.  You do not have to vote for 5.  The minimum vote is one.  Please pass this along to your friends.

keep dreaming...Colleen
Ones that didnt make it.


Mimi said...

You are too cute!! But if we don't dream... what then? I love your designs and congrats for making 4 designs in the 100!! How exciting!!

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

Wow! Congrats girl! I really liked the feather star. Surprise that didn't make it. Voting!! I like the plus signs.

Jessica said...

Woohoo! Congrats! That's fab. Off to vote for you!

Ruth said...

That is so neat! I voted!! Good luck.

Pauline said...

Love them- just voted!

Katie said...

voted for you and LEE

Carrie P. said...

Hey that is so awesome! I voted this morning not knowing that you had some blocks entered and unknowingly voted for one of yours. Sorry I didn't get all 4. Good luck!