Monday, April 1, 2013

April goals = March's epic fails

Well for various reasons March's goals were an epic fail.  I think I knew that the first week of April was spring break and Id have some dedicated sewing time.  March was just a tiring  month with work and sickness.  And distracting other  I-want -to sew-now projects.  Oh well.  

So my goals for April:

1.  Sew some of my Swoon blocks.  I have them all cut out.  One finished and one partly sewn.  

2.  Finish Scrappy trip along quilt top.

3.  Baste and quilt one of my numerous quilt tops waiting anxiously for me to finish them.  Including 2 baby quilts, 1 senior services lap quilt, 1 quilt for cancer raffle,
and 1 quilt for my sofa.

Well will see how successful I am.  I am linking up over at Carrie's blog A Passion for Applique

keep dreaming...Colleen
The Easter bunny came!
(Please note there isno one under the age of 25 in this house :0))


Carrie P. said...

Love your star quilt. YOu can now link up. One of these days I am going to get the time right on the linky thing.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

You have some great projects to work on in April. Those Swoon fabrics look really pretty!

Katie said...

I had the same problem in March except I don't get a spring break this week. I think we need another quilting day -- perhaps a quilting weekend even. This weekend HOPEFULLY I will finally make it back in the sewing room with minimal interruptions. I love that the Easter bunny visits your house also -- it is my favorite candy holiday. I might bump into you tonight at the BOM at Sewingly Yours.

Jenny Squawk said...

Most everyone failed March for one reason or another.

ANudge said...

March was a difficult month. I feel better knowing it was not only me. Love your big star quilt.

MamaT said...

Some months are just like that. I only got one of mine done. April is not looking much better for time to sew on the things I want to. We'll see! At least we're making an effort, right?!

KatieQ said...

You've picked some great projects to work on. The Scrappy Trip is lovely. Good luck! I think we can all use some to control our UFOs.

Carrie P. said...

Hey Colleen,
just checking in to see how you are doing on your UFOs. Hope you are having a great weekend.