Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Reckoning,,,

So I thought being on summer break I would get more done.  But I forgot the brain drain recovery time needed at the end of a school year.  I also forgot the three quilts I wanted to have in binding stage.  So...

1.  Make more Swoon blocks!  I have 5 finished and only four left to go!   Did not achieve.  To be honest I am about to sew one tonight unless my plans are disrupted like last nights (more later).
Update: I finished my sixth block!
(warning bad light photo)
UPDATE UPDATE!!!!  Finished all my blocks and its not yet July!!!

2.  Finish binding on Star Trek quilt.      Success!

3. Catch up on my Grandmother's Choice blocks.  Did not achieve. I am so far behind.  I will have time to catch up later.

Other finishes:

Now I got my Amy Butler charm square quilt to the hand binding stage!  

I tied it at the intersections and did some machine quilting down the middle of the rows. 

 The duck was my attempt to lure Kalli-cat onto the quilt to take her picture.  
She daintly walked around the edges.  

Until the sun came out and she tried to decide if she wanted to lay on it.  She didnt. 
The backing and binding are all Amy Butler fabrics too.

But it will be loveliness for me to sleep under on my vacation!

I also finished two other quilt tops and backs.  Im hoping to baste and start quilting them tomorrow.  Thy are gifts so I cant show them.  But I promise to take pictures when finished to share.

Oh and I made a placemat for me in the RV.  Great way to use up an extra block and my favorite scraps.

keep dreaming...Colleen

Mom got dad a special birthday present!


Carrie P. said...

love that orange and yellow swoon block. I think you got quite a bit done this month. Congrats on finishing your dad's quilt. Now that is some present your dad got!

Jessica said...

Look at you getting so much done! Awesome! :D Also, love that placemat -great colors!