Friday, December 31, 2010

EOY accounting…and a giveaway!


Happy New Year’s Eve!

The year in review!


Even though the list is incomplete, it shows it has been a great year.  I can’t believe how many things I have made since August! 

Check out Stray Stitches awesome giveaway here!


Keep dreaming…Colleen

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And it came with fabric, buttons, and...

Check out this giveaway at p.s.I quilt...

This is the pile of quilting goodies I found under the tree for me on Christmas.
Mom , Dad, and Kelly really got it this Christmas! 
Starting with gifts from mom...
 Ric Rac!
Fabric!  Including 3 coordinated fat quarter bundles,
 two fat quarters, and three yards of Kona solids!
and a thread box.

This nifty little suction cup is a tool I saw my Dad use to lift marble tiles,
 and I thought how great it would be for holding rulers! 
It was under the tree!  Thanks Dad!

Now Kelly proved she was indeed 2 quilt and one bag worthy,
 with these lovely finds on Etsy
handmade buttons from wollybuttbears!!!

But this by far was my FAVORITE Christmas present! 
 I have wanted one of these since I started quilting more than 15 years ago!  My father has a beautiful cast iron base one, I have lusted for since he bought it at the giant Labor Day fleamarket in Hillsville, Va.
Not sure what it is yet? 
 Dad said when he bought it at an antique mall it was painted ugly green all over.  So with his usual thoroughness he repainted and refinished it.  The red and black he repainted the base with seemed to be the original colors under the ugly paint.
Mom and Dad said they have been looking for one for me for years.
Still not sure what it is?
It's a antique Victorian clothes dryer!  It hangs on the wall open or closed.  Open it is great for hanging fabric strips, quilt block rows, etc to keep things organized.  I have some red and white ribbon hanging on it(package left overs for embellishment!).  I'll post a picture when it gets hung up.  I found a website where you can buy a reproduction one,  but I like the old ones best.
I really have wondeful family!
(of course it helped to prepare a quilters gift guide before hand, he he he)

Keep dreaming…Colleen