Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sofia's Surgery

So this past Monday Sofia had her important surgery.  It was time as she kept going into heat and was not a happy kitten.  I went to sleep with her cuddled next to me...

and I woke up to a cutie on my shoulder.  I dropped her off around 8:30 and then went to run some errands.  I came home to an empty house.  It was said and lonely without Sofia.  I slept a while as I was still suffering a severe sinus infection.  

Later I set up the caticco where she would stay why she recovered.  She did well but needed to stay calm and not jump around.  

It turned out to work well!  I found it on amazon.  

You can see her little shaved belly, and she still sleeps alot,...

but she is also feeling her frisky self.

keep dreaming...Colleen

Its time to vote for Accuquilt block contest.  I entered my Butterfly High block I made last summer.  You can vote here once a day until April 19 and help keep me in the top ten!