Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Need a Vacation : Challenge 4, Season 7 Project Quilting

the mountains are one with nature...come with me into the trees

title: Into the Woods
size:  45" x 57.5"
location: Lewisville, NC
design:  Quick Curve Ruler mini trees block in own layout
pieced and quilted: Colleen Yarnell on a Viking Sapphire
inspiration:  project quilting season 7 challenge 4 I Need a Vacation!

I picked a bundle of my favorite Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy and cut it into 5" squares.

Sofia helped with the basting.

I straight line quilted it on my Viking Sapphire with my new walking foot using Aurifil 2615.

I bound it with scraps from piecing and put a favorite large scale Denyse Schmidt floral on the back. 

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thread: Challenge 3, season 7, Project Quilting

I almost thought it wouldn't get made, but here it is.  

title:  Helical Ridge

 size: 28" x "20.

 Inspiration: dictionary definitions.

 designed and quilted by:  Colleen Yarnell

Pieced and quilted with: aurifil thread 50wt, white, light gray and dark gray.

I started by searching the definition of thread.  The words  thread, strand, and helical ridge circled in my mind. 


noun: thread; plural noun: threads; noun: screw thread; plural noun: screw threads
  1. 1.
    a long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving.
    • cotton, nylon, or other fibers spun into long, thin strands and used for sewing.
    • NORTH AMERICANinformal
  2. 2.
    a thing resembling a thread in length or thinness, in particular.
    • literary
      a long, thin line or piece of something.
      "the river was a thread of silver below them"
      "the Fraser was a thread of silver below them"
    • a theme or characteristic, typically forming one of several, running throughout a situation or piece of writing.
      "a common thread running through the scandals was the failure to conduct audits"
      synonyms:gist, train of thought, driftdirectionMore
  3. 3.
    a group of linked messages posted on an Internet forum that share a common subject or theme.
  4. 4.
    a helical ridge on the outside of a screw, bolt, etc., or on the inside of a cylindrical hole, to allow two parts to be screwed together.

 Then Sunday night I was drawing in bed in one of my graph design notebooks.  Don't we all keep one under our pillow?  Then I picked charm squares and scraps from my Denyse Schmidt stash.  

Unfortunately due to issues with my now waiting-for-service Babylock Sofia I didn't sew all week.  Finally Friday I got out the Viking Sapphire and started sewing.  Yes another rainbow Denyse Schmidt themed quilt.  The background came from a bag full of low volume scraps.  (I love getting scraps from friends!)

Then after digging out my Singer Featherweight for the BOM at Trailer Stash Fabrics, I continued sewing Saturday afternoon until I finally finished at about midnight.  BTW since before Christmas Ive been sewing in my den on an ottoman.  My sewing room has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Plus its warmer downstairs.  I'm sure this has never happened to anyone we else.

I watched two old scifi movie classics along the way-Dune and The Fifth Element.  

Piecing with white Aurifil.

I was excited when I had the top done!  And it looked good!  
Better than I thought it would!  You know how when your piecing and your
wondering if its going to look like crap?  or come out they way you envisioned it?

I quilted it on the Viking Sapphire.  Free motion quilting the word Thread in the empty space with                  dark gray Aurifil. I also used light gray to FMQ synonyms for thread down the middle.  I was missing my Babylock Sofia and her walking foot when it came to the straight line sewing.  I need to save up for a Viking walking foot!

I used my three favorite Aurifil threads.  I also like my Aurifil yellow but didnt use it on this quilt.

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Keep dreaming...Colleen
Sofia and I cuddling Saturday morning.