Monday, March 28, 2011

Quilt blocks for Cancer update

I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received for my Relay for Life Shining Stars quilt.  Including the block I made I have 13 blocks so far with some more enroute.  I even have 150 five inch squares coming from Australia!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me blocks.  I will assemble it in April and get it quilted.  The raffle will be in May with a winner being picked the beginning of June.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

My three Block Swap Adventure blocks for Jan, Feb, Mar.

DQS10 and One thing One Week Challenge!

I am sooo happy to have my DQS10 quilt top finished!!! I really should have had it done weeks ago.  I had a bit of a block about it.  Has that ever happened to you?  You have a project that is creativly challenging, you know what you want to do, you WANT to do it but every night when you come home something keeps you from working on it?  Friday I started working on it and it just went!  Saturday and into Sunday!  I even basted it, and machine quilted the blocks and borders outling and in the ditch.  The rest will be hand quilted using pearl cottons this week during Spring Break before I send off to??????.  Shhh, its a secret I cant tell you where it is going...yet!  Below is the tale of this quilt.
Once upon a time there was a quiet quilter who learned to sew on her grandmother's old White sewing machine.  Her teachers were the shows she watched on PBS, the quilt books she read, and the Quiltnet emails she exchanged.  The quiet quilter created wonderful quilts that told the stories of those she gifted them to.  Then change and upheaval came and left our quiet quilter sleeping in a closet, packed away with her fabric and threads and scissors. 

 After many years and more upheaval and illness, change again came to the quiet quilter.  She was awoken as her fabrics, threads, scissors, and other tools were unpacked into a beautiful blue green space.  The quiet quilter relearned her old quilting ways and found new ones in quilt stores and flickr groups and blogs.  And she again began to create beautiful quilts, this time telling her own stories.  

Inspired by her new world she created The Dream.  She paper pieced a woman representing herself and all quilters, climbing upon the blocks of traditional and modern, past and present, pattern and fabric.  A rainbow of stars made with fabrics from the past, set on a Kona gray background, swirl into innovation.  The woman, the quiet quilter, wearing a modern dress in the newest fabric with fabulous aqua heels.  The Dream shows the quiet quilter as she was in the past, who she is in the present, and who she may yet become in the future.  And through it all the quiet quilter realized that a quilt is a dream made in fabric and thread.
The Beginning..

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Now aided by her faithful companion Kalli.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swap blocks

I just wanted to share two blocks I'm sent out to my March swap partners for Block Swap Adventure.  Yes thats plural I was asked to take a second partner as we had a new member.
Theresa asked for a star block in spring/summer fabrics using modern fabrics.  She especially liked large florals.

She also said dots so I gave her everything she asked for.
Brenda is new to swapping and said she was up for almost anything but batiks and flurescents.  Though she added she would like farm related blocks so I made her a Sawtooth star too.

She seemed receptive to modern fabrics so I think she will like it.
I finished the top for my DSQ10 quilt. 

 I m thinking of using the  deep purple as a narrow border between the rainbow fabric.

I will finish it up and baste it tomorrow.  I plan on hand quilting it next week during spring break using pearl cottons.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Ahhhh, my happy place.

Foto finish--Pink


This is from my peony bush.  I love peonies and wanted one so my parents got me one for my birthday two years ago.  These are beautiful flowers just not what I asked for.  I told the person at the reputable garden center I wanted an old fashioned large full petaled dark or light pink peony.  She was said I would love this new variety, it gets beautiful pink petals.  It does its just is not a nice full peony like I wanted.  Of course I did not know until it bloomed months later.  I live in a town home so there is really no place to plant another one.  Oh well it is beautiful.
Keep dreaming...Colleen

These pink and white striped phlox gound cover are some of my favorite spring flowers.

Friday, March 25, 2011

March Stash Giveaway!

Ok so I know March is almost over but I forgot to post the giveaway!  I have actually had the fabric read since February!  I cleaned up my studio and work table and rediscovered it stacked under a pile of stuff. 

The giveaway is for three different green fabrics at least 1/2 a yard each from my 90's stash.  I will pick a winner on March 31. To enter leave a comment below answering the following question 
How many and what kind of sewing machines do you have?  How old is the oldest?

I have three, the oldest is my Singer Featherweight I think it is a 50's model.  Then I have a White machine in a beautiful cabinet which with a knee bar this was my dad's moms.  Last I have a 1973 Kenmore that was my Grandmothers.  I forgot to add my Singer felting machine I bought last summer for a ridiculously low price on Amazon.
I am still collecting

See this post for how you can contribute a block and help raise money for Relay for Life.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Dont be scared its not a horror movie, just my dialated eyes from the Dr. 
They were still dialated even when I went to bed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sizzix dies for Quilting part 2

I had some many comments and questions about Sizzix dies for quilting I thought I would share a little more. BTW Sizzix Bigz dies can cut the following as stated on the website
 "A Bigz die cleanly cuts thick materials, including cardstock, chipboard, fabric, foam, magnet, leather, metallic foil, paper and sandpaper (in limited use). " 
OK so this die is one of Tim Holtz's, I think its called Tattered Florals.

I used it this summer to make fleece embellishments for some scarves I made to sell at craft shows and give as gifts and there are some in my Etsy store too.
I also used some of my HK (Hello Kitty) dies I bought in the Sizzix outlet online for about $3 a piece.  These are my practice blocks. 
Yes you can use fusible.  I fact it works real well even with teeny tiny pieces, like the eyes.  I made a special travel pillowcase for my sister that ended up with the an HK angel on it.

These are ornaments I die cut with fusible backing that are precut to make a Christmas candle mat.  Again these dies only cost about $3-$4 dollars from the Sizzix outlet or on Ebay.
I also used the candy cane die cut to make my mug rugs for my volunteers in my library this Christmas, using a great red and white stripe.

Here is the other Westminster Quilting petals die that I did not show you before. 
So here is the fun I had last night cutting out wool felt shapes to make flowers.  These are fun to make on trips.  I love this so much better then trying to hand cut the same shapes.

I put this tin in my travel sewing bag, add a bag of pin backs, hair clips, buttons and I have what I need to be creative.  Oh and a box to store the completed flowers with out crushing them.  These are just me playing around, its like playing with Lego's.  I like to sew them together and not glue like some do.
I hope this answers every ones questions.  I can not emphasize enough how I watch espec the Sizzix website especially the outlet and eBay and I bought everything real cheap on sale or clearance.  Except for the petals, leaves, and hexagon dies.  They cost $19.99 a piece.  Though with my luck they will probably go on sale next week.  LOL!

Keep dreaming...Colleen

I quilted my name when I took the long arm certification
class at my LQS 2 weeks ago.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sizzix dies for quilting

I just wanted to share what I recieved in the mail this weekend.  I took my state refund and used it for some neat stuff I have been wanting for a long while.  These Sizzix dies designed by Westminster Fibers Lifestyle Fabrics especially for quilters.  You can check out their selection here.

If you arent familiar with Sizzix they are a company that sells die cutting machines and dies for cutting paper and fabric.  I have a little Sidekick that uses sizzlits and a Bigshot which takes larger dies up to six inches wide.  I have lusted after the Accuquilt Go! but don't have the money and can't see buying another die cut system.  (Though I wouldn't mind winning one!)  I also like the way Sizzix lays out multiple shapes of the same size on their dies.  I bought the 1" and 1.25" hexagons, the petals die, and the leaves die.

Ignore the ugly stained press pad I just realized I used to lay out the pieces on.

I obviously will be making some hexies.  The really cut through the multiple laayers of fabric and wax paper easily.  The petals and leaves I cut through wool felt to make flowers.  I am most excited about these dies because flower making is a great hand project I like to do when traveling.

I have a few other dies I got from the outlet at $1.24-3.00 each, including the words live, enjoy, a bird and some squares.
I still would like some of the Go dies. I can use the 6" wide and smaller ones in the Bigshot.
I now want to go through my wool and felt and cut lots of shapes for flower making.

 Keep dreaming...Colleen

A little sewing tools rool up I made for my sewing bag. 
It holds littl scissors, pencil, seam ripper, thread, thimble, and needles.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full moon, axis shift...

time change, spring fever, end of quarter testing, and anything else I can think of.

The kids this week were WOUND UP!  I was like a zombie half the week and had late meetings the other half.  Thus no posts, no quilting done, just a blur of a week.
So to catch up.  I did commit to two new projects I will not be sewing on until April.  First was the Great Cover Up Swap over at Sewn Spaces on flickr.  Here is my inspiration mosaic.

 Can you tell I would like something in light blue and light green to match my studio?  I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover for a while but now I get the challenge of making one for someone else while someone else makes one for me!

I have also decided to continue to broaden my skills by joining the Dresden plate quilt along sponsored by Lily's Quilts. 
I chose the fabrics from my fat quarter stash with the dots for the center and kona ash for the background.  Again you see the light blue/teal and light green. I may only make the one block wall hanging to hang in my studio.  If I like the pattern, it could always be a choice for a quilt in the future.  As much as I like the pumpkin hanging there now it doesn't really match.  I will probably put that away to hang down stairs in the fall(duh).
Look at these cute erasers I found in Micheal's yesterday.
Sewing machine with a little presser foot, spools with needle, and a dress dummy.  These may end up in someones swap package.
I have also been cleaning out closets and my studio.  I am doing a yard sale at my school next Sat.  Then our guild in April has a yard sale too.  Donate an item for the door prizes and you can have a table and sell your misc quilting supplies.  I have two bags full already.
There is some interesting threads going around the quilting blog world about the simplicity of the modern quilt movement.  I have said my 2 cents on a couple of blogs but wanted to comment here as well.  I appreciate the blogging quilt world as it has helped me get back into quilting and has help me remember that creative side that had been set aside for too long.  You all have also given me the confidence to machine quilt larger quilts then wall hanging size.  We can not all be 'Olympic' quilters and it is ok to just be at the  minor league or the local Y team level.  What is important is that you quilt or knit or do something to express yourself in the way that YOU need to. Its not the perfection of your points, the number of pieces in your quilt blocks, or the complexity of the pattern that counts.  Its that you tried in the first place. 
Breath.  Ok climbing back down, it was a little too slippery up there.

Keep dreaming,
and praying for Japan
and Go Heels!!
Quilt blocks received so far for the Relay for Life quilt.
Go here to get more info if you would like to contribute a block.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quilt Blocks for Cancer

I wanted to share with you the blocks I have recieved so far.  Each one represents some one who suffered from cancer.

It is not too late to send me a 12.5" unfinished star block.  All the blocks will be part of a raffle quilt to raise money for Relay for Life.  See the details here.
Keep dreaming...Colleen

Tonight the awesome Pat Sloan gave a wonderful presentation at our guild meeting.
I talked with her before hand and she was so nice adn fun to talk to.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ive been a bad bad girl

For those of you who are ACC challenged, here in NC Men's college basketball rules.  Today was the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game.  My team and alma mater North Carolina Tarheels was playing their hated rival the Duke Blue Devils.  Unfortunately Carolina lost :o(.  And it is all my fault.  I jinxed it all because I was trying to be a friend and made this.

It is a mug rug for this friend who loves the hated Duke.  It turned out real cute but I made the mistake of sewing it during the game.  Bad mojo.  Kelly forgive me.  I will burn the rest of the Duke fabric, I only bought a quarter yard.  Oh and SHHHHH its for a secret friend so dont tell.

On the bright side I made a new mug rug for my mom.  She only had the Christmas one, so I used one of my Kathy Davis Journey scrap bags I bought at karen gray.  And an adorable brown with blue and white dot fat quarter for the back and binding(it reminded me of your block Lana).  The pattern was a make it up as I go.  BTW I found the fat quarter at the LQS Sewingly Yours where I took a four hour long arm certification class.  More on that later.  
I wake up and go to bed thinking about the tsunami victims.  As Americans we can be so generous with our time and money.  Her is a link to Makiko Itoh whose blog Just Hungry is very popular.  She is posting news, donation links, and more importantly translating Japense TV disaster info for those who need to know.  Also here is a link to real news broadcast from Japan that tells what is actually happening in Japan as opposed to the biased, self indulgent ridiculous crap supposed to be news in our country.  Sorry I try not to go there.

Please send prayers
Take a minute
It really does help.

Praying and dreaming...Colleen
Charlie Brown quilt along top #1.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

five minutes

Five minutes.
From earthquake
to tsunami
to lives lost and changed forever.

God who creates such majesty
reminds us how small we really are.

I wish everyone would
stop watching basketball
stop working in the yard
stop shopping for wants
stop piecing that quilt top
and spend one minute sending prayers
to Japan
to New Zealand
to everyone suffering.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Fausnaught day!

In Pennsylvania Dutch tradition my mother always bakes fausnaughts (doughnuts) for Fat Tuesday.  Yum!  Plain, chocolate, and even holes! Yum!  The fam went to a favorite restaurant downtown called H&H - Hutch & Harris
Mom and Dad-got beaded!
They have yummy food!  Original recipes, nice not overly large portions!
Happy Fausnaught day!
Keep dreaming...Colleen

Carmen shared this tumbling blocks quilt at the Bee Saturday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A winner!

Congratulations to Wendy of Down the Avenue!

She has won an autographed copy of Quilt Fiesta!  I will send it to her as soon as she send me her address.  Congrats!

Keep dreaming...Colleen

February block for Jackie of Block Swap Adventure.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quilt Blocks for Cancer

Today starts team Lucky Duck's new fundraiser for Relay for Life called Quilt Blocks for CancerAs many of you know I am a five year Stage 4 uterine cancer survivor.  I have had a desire to give back to those who suffer since I was cured.   Two years ago I started Team Lucky Duck to participate in Kernersville, NC Relay for Life event.  Friends and mostly family have helped me to raise money for the American Cancer Society.
Thats me in the braids.  Yep my hair grew back!
I have Lucky Duck tshirts for sale in my Etsy store and on my blog, all the money goes to Relay.
This year we will be unable to participate due to a family event. I would still like to raise money and would like my Blog family to participate as well.

I am asking you, my blog friends to send quilt blocks for me to assemble together to make a quilt to raffle off. The quilt block can be a memorial, in honor of, or just a celebration of life. I would like any 12.5" unfinished star blocks.  Applique, embroidery, words, and embellishments are welcome.  Cancer survivors are STARS and they should SHINE!  Here is a pattern for my favorite basic star block.  Or you could send a 5" square to use in the border with a message of hope written on it. 

I would like you to use bright, fun colors.  If you want to coordinate your colors with a certain cancer here is the link to what color goes with what cancer.  This should not be just a pink quilt. I want to honor all cancers.

Peach is the color of my cancer. The mother of one of my students died this year from ovarian cancer and I would like to use teal and create a block in memory of her.  I would like to collect the blocks through March 31st, assemble it  and find someone to quilt it for me in April, and raffle it in May and the beginning of June .  (Anyone willing to quilt it for me?)

Blocks can be sent to this address:

Colleen Yarnell
570 Cedarbook Ct
Lewisville, NC  27023

I am so blessed with my relatively good health.  I want to help fight for those who are not so lucky.  If you can not send a quilt block please consider donating to Team Lucky Duck.

Please share this with your friends and blog about it.  Use the Quilt Blocks for Cancer button to link to this blog page.Keep dreaming...Colleen
Me with my amazingly supportive parents and sister
when I was going through chemo.  I'm the one with no hair.  LOL!