Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Craft/Quilt Studio Renovation

So for the past 2 weeks I have been scrapping wallpaper( a lovely tiny blue flower) and scrapping wall paper. Monday morning I spackled and sanded and painted the walls a lovely pale blue. I was kind of limited in paint colors as the carpet is a medium blue and I was NOT going to replace it. Tuesday I painted the trim white.

Then..... I was so excited to take my new sewing desk out of the Jeep where it had been living since Saturday. I have to explain that the 'new' sewing desk is actually a Habitat Restore find. It is sturdy with lots of drawers for sewing stuff.
Did you notice the lovely green and white top? You too can have such's contact paper! It goes perfectly with the green and blues with pops of turquoise color scheme.

Did you notice the eclectic knob mix? They have a TON of designer knobs at the Habitat Restore so I picked my favorite ones.

This is the one on the middle drawer...I also have a cool yellow ceramic cat...I mean it is part quilt studio and as you know you cant quilt without a cat. I just have to figure out where to screw it...

More later on the the Great Clean out of Summer 2010 continues.

Keep Dreaming...:o) Colleen