Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quilt Treasures

One of the best things about setting up my craft/quilt studio this summer has been the rediscovery of the treasures I have collected over the last 20 years.  One afternoon I opened THE trunk. 
The trunk is one of those dark blue with brass fittings college trunks.  And yes I did take it to college where I live on 9th floor of Morrison Dorm at UNC.  I don't think college students buy trunks anymore, I haven't seen any in the stores for years. Now the trunk had been opened a few times over the past few years or so, but mostly to stuff ( in a gentle way) things in.  I decided to sort them one afternoon.  I found the first quilt blocks I ever made (ugh! not showing you those).  There were also some great UFO quilt tops waiting to be finished. 

This cat head wall hanging was an exploration of black, white and gray fabrics.  I always wanted to finish this for my sister - maybe I still will. 

The blocks with the fancy Hoffman turquoise metallic print was from a Q-xchg swap (I found a lot of blocks from exchanges-it was a great way to learn!)  We were all given a selection of coordinating fabrics and had to make a 12 inch block.  I would love to set these on point to make a wall hanging. 

This third one was my first real attempt at a watercolor quilt.  I wanted to make it as a baby quilt for someone at work.  I was still in my disorganized/health recovery phase of my life so I never finished it.  I love buying charm square packs on ebay in different sizes and color themes.  This uses 4 inch squares.  I have a coordinating deep red tone on tone fabric for a border and a pretty large blue  flannel for the back.  I love how in watercolor quilts you can actually use the back side of fabric to get a lighter color shade yet still have the effect of the print.


Inside this treasure trunk was a treasure of vintage quilt blocks and tops.  I love old fabrics!  It is so much fun to tramp through flea markets and antique stores and uncovering these gems.  I decided to pick my favorites and use them to decorate my new studio.

I loved the candy colors of the 1940's and the traditional pieced patterns.  I also love the other dark colors and patterns of the turn of the century patterns.  Here are some closer views.

I found these wonderful 12 x 12 green metal frames at AC Moore's on sale.  I backed them with muslin.  I wish they had some larger square frames as I have some lovely pieced stars that are quite large and would look lovely hung.  I wonder what other ways I could hang them?  Well sewing calls!
Keep Dreaming...Colleen


Annabelle said...

Love the work space. Welcome to blogland. I too am a new crafter/blogger at - searching for inspiration on new sites. Good luck with the blog.