Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full moon, axis shift...

time change, spring fever, end of quarter testing, and anything else I can think of.

The kids this week were WOUND UP!  I was like a zombie half the week and had late meetings the other half.  Thus no posts, no quilting done, just a blur of a week.
So to catch up.  I did commit to two new projects I will not be sewing on until April.  First was the Great Cover Up Swap over at Sewn Spaces on flickr.  Here is my inspiration mosaic.

 Can you tell I would like something in light blue and light green to match my studio?  I have been wanting to make a sewing machine cover for a while but now I get the challenge of making one for someone else while someone else makes one for me!

I have also decided to continue to broaden my skills by joining the Dresden plate quilt along sponsored by Lily's Quilts. 
I chose the fabrics from my fat quarter stash with the dots for the center and kona ash for the background.  Again you see the light blue/teal and light green. I may only make the one block wall hanging to hang in my studio.  If I like the pattern, it could always be a choice for a quilt in the future.  As much as I like the pumpkin hanging there now it doesn't really match.  I will probably put that away to hang down stairs in the fall(duh).
Look at these cute erasers I found in Micheal's yesterday.
Sewing machine with a little presser foot, spools with needle, and a dress dummy.  These may end up in someones swap package.
I have also been cleaning out closets and my studio.  I am doing a yard sale at my school next Sat.  Then our guild in April has a yard sale too.  Donate an item for the door prizes and you can have a table and sell your misc quilting supplies.  I have two bags full already.
There is some interesting threads going around the quilting blog world about the simplicity of the modern quilt movement.  I have said my 2 cents on a couple of blogs but wanted to comment here as well.  I appreciate the blogging quilt world as it has helped me get back into quilting and has help me remember that creative side that had been set aside for too long.  You all have also given me the confidence to machine quilt larger quilts then wall hanging size.  We can not all be 'Olympic' quilters and it is ok to just be at the  minor league or the local Y team level.  What is important is that you quilt or knit or do something to express yourself in the way that YOU need to. Its not the perfection of your points, the number of pieces in your quilt blocks, or the complexity of the pattern that counts.  Its that you tried in the first place. 
Breath.  Ok climbing back down, it was a little too slippery up there.

Keep dreaming,
and praying for Japan
and Go Heels!!
Quilt blocks received so far for the Relay for Life quilt.
Go here to get more info if you would like to contribute a block.


Laura said...

Thank you for your soap box comment! I quilt for myself and the people I love. I know other people are capable of much more complex and wonderful quilts but I am happy experimenting and learning as I go. I think we accept everyone as being individuals with something to bring to the discussion. There is little to gain by pitting quilters against each other and who wants to have to defend themselves?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love every bit of quilting, fabrics, styles, and experimenting with techniques. I find those that are too critical rather than encourage should just be ignored - they forget once they were a beginner. I think we need to embrace all quilters to keep the tradition alive as well as pass it on.

Patty@Granma's said...

I think we all know someone who was born perfect and improved from there! We'll certainly gain more beginning quilters by complimenting what they do right! A friend once said, when someone made an unkind remark, 'If I wanted a critique, I'd enter a show.'
Someone ought to declare a 'Make it a Compliment' week! Think of the Smiling Faces!

Lana said...

wow! you have been soooo busy! Girl, I know the feeling! Love the purchases! Good for you!
Hugs! have a good week!