Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ive been a bad bad girl

For those of you who are ACC challenged, here in NC Men's college basketball rules.  Today was the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship game.  My team and alma mater North Carolina Tarheels was playing their hated rival the Duke Blue Devils.  Unfortunately Carolina lost :o(.  And it is all my fault.  I jinxed it all because I was trying to be a friend and made this.

It is a mug rug for this friend who loves the hated Duke.  It turned out real cute but I made the mistake of sewing it during the game.  Bad mojo.  Kelly forgive me.  I will burn the rest of the Duke fabric, I only bought a quarter yard.  Oh and SHHHHH its for a secret friend so dont tell.

On the bright side I made a new mug rug for my mom.  She only had the Christmas one, so I used one of my Kathy Davis Journey scrap bags I bought at karen gray.  And an adorable brown with blue and white dot fat quarter for the back and binding(it reminded me of your block Lana).  The pattern was a make it up as I go.  BTW I found the fat quarter at the LQS Sewingly Yours where I took a four hour long arm certification class.  More on that later.  
I wake up and go to bed thinking about the tsunami victims.  As Americans we can be so generous with our time and money.  Her is a link to Makiko Itoh whose blog Just Hungry is very popular.  She is posting news, donation links, and more importantly translating Japense TV disaster info for those who need to know.  Also here is a link to real news broadcast from Japan that tells what is actually happening in Japan as opposed to the biased, self indulgent ridiculous crap supposed to be news in our country.  Sorry I try not to go there.

Please send prayers
Take a minute
It really does help.

Praying and dreaming...Colleen
Charlie Brown quilt along top #1.


Stray Stitches said...

Both of your mug rugs are wonderful. And I whole heartedly agree with you about our news programs - nothing but a lot of sensationalism with a very biased slant. Just give us the REAL news!!

Anonymous said...

I can no longer claim you as my sister....what were you thinking?!!