Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bee Blocks finished!

Triangle MQG is swapping blocks next month at their meeting.  In April those of us swapping brought in 11 baggies with a selection of fabrics and directions on what we would like to see.  I started sewing blocks last Sunday.  It was fun I would reach in the bag, pick a baggie, read the request, play with the fabric and a design and then sew!  No one asked for a specific pattern just design elements. I free pieced most using some Marti Mitchell templates and my rulers.  I finished the last ones this morning.  This afternoon I went to Mom and Dad's for ribs and corn and took pictures.  I've decided the patio dad made in the back yard is perfect backdrop for photographing quilts.

Here are all 11 laid out.

This 10" block made from some Kaffe and a little white.  The person wanted rectangular shapes and to use their fabrics.

This person wanted a chicken.  Apparently she is obsessed.  She provided the black and white fabric and background.  I added the red and orange and buttons.  

This is also a 10" and the person wanted rectangular shapes.  (Just realized my toes are in this picture, tee hee)

This was one of my favorites!  I loved the fabrics and colors!  The person wanted flying geese units.  I imagined a group of geese, mamas and babies, swimming through reeds on a lake.

This one took the longest.  She wanted a car block or to use the car fabric, as the quilt will be for a boy toddler.  Some of the pieces she included were small.  I freehand pieced this.

The quilter wanted hst and to use the blue.  I really liked the orange butterfly fabric.

This person also asked for geese.  Some blocks were challenging to created because I didnt have enough of some colors.

This person wanted movement, a bright color added (I added the yellow), movement, and flying geese.  I curve pieced the background then slashed it and added the geese segment.

This was one of my favorites!  I love the Tula Pink fabric!  Im going to get her to sign it June 6th when she is at Karen Gray's.

This person wanted geometric shapes.  I love this David Butler fabric.

This person send lots of fabric and wanted a wonky log cabin.

So I think they all came out pretty good!

keep dreaming...Colleen
Laying in the grass with La princessa aka Jasmine aka Jazzy Girl!


Jessica said...

The patio IS perfect! I'm always looking for that "place" where projects will look best photographed. I love your geese especially but all the blocks turned out great! :)

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

I love the chicken, but then again I raise them! I don't think I would want chicken decor though. You did a great job!

Anette said...

Love these squares and the size of them.
If they were a bit bigger they could cover dining room chair cushion covers, like I've just done with my denim and check grannies.
I've cut the grannies from my old jeans that don't fit anymore and my hubby's old torn red check shirt.
The result was that my old dining room chairs look cheeky and modern with the red and blue denim cushion covers.
I've also made a denim pouch for my Tracfone LG500G smart phone, so the touch screen doesn't get scratched. I sewed a red Giraffe silhouette on it which I cut from an old red t-shirt. I embroidered the mouse features by hand.
I'm having fun recycling old clothes into something beautiful or useful.

Kate said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed using my fabrics; I had a blast picking them. I'm just ecstatic that those mama and baby geese are going to belong to me!

Carrie P. said...

awesome blocks. you have been busy.

kheli said...

Fun blocks! The Parisville block is awesome!

Megan said...

holy schnitz! How are you done already? Your blocks look great! I might have to steal some of your ideas (but give proper attribution as any conscientious librarian should).