Monday, May 21, 2012

My Garden is a blooming

I took some photos  of the loveliness blooming in my gardens.  

Out front my peonies had 35 buds.  I counted them twice.  I was pleased because several of the buds opened up to give me a full petal filled old fashioned flower. 

 The rest are the new modern flowers with few outer pink petals and spiky pink center petals.

My Endless Summer hydrangea on the side is huge and gorgeous!  

Some one asked me how I grow the above flowers so pretty.  Well, I don't do a lot of any trimming.  I just let them grow.  

I think it helps to grow hardy low maintenance plants.

The back garden next to my patio is coming a long nicely.  The lavender is starting to bloom, as are the zinnia, dianthus, coreopis, armeria, and primrose.  My new herbs, eggplant and tomatoes are also growing nicely.  I have a plant or to to put in my large posts yet to fill them out.

Mother's day my favorite thing to do is to make mom a corsage.  I started about 15 years ago using cut flowers I would buy at the Carrboro Farmer's market.  Now I raid my garden for whatever is blooming.  This year I use some hydrangea with rosemary for remembrance and thyme for courage.

So my patio is ready for me to relax on after work in the evenings and watch my garden grow.

Keep Dreaming...Colleen
My sister Kelly got engaged in East Hampton. NY on May 10 .  She asked me to be the maid of honor!  They want to get married in Oct!.  That is only 5 months to make a wedding quilt!  I planned it out and picked fabric this weekend.  I'll give you a hint  I was inspired by this engagement photo-doesn't Jamie look like he is swooning with love against Kelly?


Sara said...

I adore gardening too:) I have hydrangeas one in the front yard and one in the back and they both seem to be alright. Not nearly as big as yours,but they are coming along.No blooms either,but I think next year hopefully!

Thanks for showing off your gardening and your sister's engagement. A swoon quilt in order?

Laura said...

Lovely flowers! Thanks for showing us.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Just finished 'dressing' up all our flower beds - now to sit back and enjoy. I have one hydrangea, but it is new, so I hope is prospers as lovely as yours. Congratulations to your sister.

Carrie P. said...

You certainly have a green thumb. I need to get some peonies. I do like them so.
Congrats to your sister. Can't wait to see the quilt you make her.

Christine M said...

Lovely flowers. How exciting for your sister and for you being maid of honour.