Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Random thoughts

First there is a Rainbow charm square swap goin on in flicker land here.  I kept missing the signups for the other ones.  They can fill up lightning fast.  It will take 56 participants and you can sign up for 2 slots.  I think it is almost 1/2 full at this posting.

Sorry for the bad photo but I finally got the IKEA lamp kit I bought in early April hing up.  I finaly have light other then my multiple lamps.  Also connected this to the only outlet that turns on with the light switch.  Who wires the light switch to the only wall in the room where you can't put a bed?  Of course its not a bedroom but my studio now, but still...  Oh and I know the cord looks a mess but it is straightened out and tightened after I took the picture.  BTW the socket was only $3.99 and the shade $10.

I have 5 Bee blocks left to make for the Triangle MQG swap.  We will give them back in June.  I have had fun with this swap.  There were no specific patterns to back.  Sunday I spent a fun day reaching into the bag to see what I could think of to make next.  

This is the block I made Monday night.  I could have added fabric from my stash but liked the simple contrast of the two that were included.  The Tula Pink Parisville was such a cook print and demanded that I fussy cut it. 

 I love the slightly bondage look to this block.  I'm going to ask the person I'm making it for if she would like me to get Tula Pink to sign it for her or maybe a piece of fabric she could add to the quilt.

I'm excited that my sister has set the date for her wedding.  November 10 of this year and the Wake Forrest University Bridger Field house.

keep dreaming...Colleen
Did I show you the cool socks JLG sent me?  And they're performance!


Carrie P. said...

I signed up for the charm exchange.

piece peace said...

Please, please, please tell me that is my bee block! It is just so fantastic. If you could kindly beg Tula sign it, I would be sooooo excited. Big fan here. I wanted to go to see her in W-S but I will not be able to go on a Wed night. You rock, Colleen!!!!!