Friday, March 1, 2013

March goals!

I really appreciate Carrie at apassionforapplique challenging us to complete or make progress on three UFOs each month.  It has really helped to keep my sewing focused.  You can link up at this post on Carrie's blog until March 4th. 

So here are my three goals I would like to accomplish.  
1.  I had the goal of cutting out the rest of my Swoon blocks last month.  This month I want to piece all of the blocks.

 I'm using Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and Katie Jump Rope paired with Kaffe florals.  There are 49 pieces in each block the way I cut them out.   Totally doable.  I have already made my sister this quilt which is why I didn't finish mine.  Quilter's curse!

This first block was made January 2012!!
2.  I have two baby quilts, one charity raffle quilt, and one Senior Services lap quilt.  They are ready to baste and quilt.  I want to get at least one done this month.

3.  Third my scrappy trip.  I started it in December and the blocks have become a sewing machine cover since then.  I used strips from a couple of jelly rolls I had of 40s repro prints.  I through in Kona Coal for contrast.  I think I want to also use Coal for the bindind and backing.  I want to finish piecing them and put the top together this month.

Well I think my goals are totally doable.  I also want to be thinking about three quilts I want to have ready to bind by this summer on my vacation travels.  One is a quilt for me to use on my camping vacation.  It will be made with blocks from a block exchanges I did in 2011.  I have some American Jane Happy Camper for the back and sashing.  

 The second is a jelly roll throw quilt I want to make for my Great Aunt who we will be visiting this summer.  I'm still vacillating on the pattern but I have the fabrics for the top picked out.  The third is a secret.

Well time for bed.  Thanks again Carrie for the motivation and pulling my name for this February's prize!

keep dreaming...Colleen
My DQS13 quilt hanging up.


Jessica said...

You got so much done in Feb. (seriously impressed) and I'm sure you'll follow suite in March :)!

nessa said...

Congratulations this month! I love visiting your blog and seeing your progress :)

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see your Swoon quilt! IT will be amazing!

KaHolly said...

If February is any indication, I'm sure you'll accomplish all you set out to do!! I've wanted to make a swoon block for a very long time.....just one.....but it's still in line at the sewing machine.

Carrie P. said...

Now that you have all those swoon pieces cut out you will have those blocks done in no time. I think you will have your goals met this month. Glad I can help keep you motivated.

emedoodle said...

That's a lot of sewing goals! Good luck on them!! I"m hoping to cross a few things off my list this month too!

Jen said...

Love the fabrics for the swoon quilt! I just bought the Fireworks pattern but am intimidated by the huge blocks and tons of pieces to cut. Glad you are making it for you!