Friday, February 25, 2011

First Hexie

I finished my first hexie today. 
The hexie is inspired by all of the hexies I see in blog land.  Also I recently rediscovered these hexagons my grandmother made.  She was not a quilter and I dont think she ever made a quilt.  Though its her 70's Kenmore that I sew with.
They have some really great vintage fabrics.

The hexie I made will be one of the small blocks the figure will stand on for my dsq10.
Th other block made so far is a small log cabin.  I am trying to use modern fabrics with special touches.
I'm hoping to have the DQS10 top finished this week end as I know the quilting will take me a while to figure out.

I also whipped up this little pinnie that has been sitting in my brain and the fabric on my cutting table for a week.
Im thinking maybe a bee pin topper.  Also I think I would like to create a base and make some more flowers that would velcro to it.  You could have different types of pins in each flower.  Grab the one you need.  Leaves double as needle holders.

Well off to bed.  I've been sick for the last 24 hrs and need to catch up on my chores tomorrow.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Sneak peek of Jackie's February block in red, whites and black for the Bee.


Hands Sew Full said...

Very nice hexies! I have yet to try them but they look fun. Hope you feel better.

Retrogirl said...

Congratulations on such a great hexie, especially for a first try! You go, girl. Colleen, watch yourself---they're so addictive. You'll have a collection before you know it.
Love the vintage ones, can't wait to see what becomes of them. =)