Friday, December 30, 2011

I needed a little Christmas

Where did December go?  I enjoyed the month it just went so fast!   I did not blog much because I was so tired, busy, and my carpal tunnel was acting up.  Here is a recap in no particular order (other then the way the pics are in flickr).

December 11 was our local Christmas parade here in Lewisville, NC.  My Dad owns this international Scout fire truck that he bought from his former employer Westinghouse. 

It was one of three made in the 1970's to be driven in the large turbine manufacturing plants to put out fires.  It is a pumper truck.  And I get to ride on the back and throw candy-if my sister would ever send me the picture she took I would show you me.
Here is us waiting to enter the parade.  This is our youth group from our church which just so happens to be in the background and is part of the staging ground for the parade.  That Shepard is one of my Sunday School students.

Here are some of the Pictures I took from the back of the truck

Its a big parade and a huge crowd always turns out.  We were toward the end so you may make out Santa in the distance.

Here is my sister taking that picture of me.
Here is our town square with its lovely gazebo, open air amphitheatre, playground-it has lots of events and performances.

This is my favorite shot where you can see the crowd, Santa at the end and our church steeple.  I zoomed in.  It was such a beautiful day to take pictures.

We are an old town on the outskirts of the big city of Winston-Salem.  we have experienced new controlled growth to keep the charming small town atmosphere.  We have a new pharmacy and next door there building a funeral parlor.  And still there are old homes

And here are Mom and Dad after driving me home-just a couple of blocks from downtown and I road on the back all the way.  Wahoo!

More Christmas later....

 Keep dreaming...Colleen
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Paige said...

So fun! I'll have to come out for that next year. Some teachers I work with live in Lewisville but I'm rarely out that way!

Maxine said...

We have a small town December Christmas parade too. It's in Dalton, Ohio. We call it the "Coolest parade in Ohio." Looked like a great day for a parade! happy new year.

Brad Bowling said...


I would love to talk to your father about his Westinghouse pumper Scout. Ertel Publishing has just started a magazine called Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment, and I want to run a feature on that vehicle in our next issue. Feel free to contact me at your convenience at this email address: brad (at sign)

Thank you.

Brad Bowling
Managing Editor, Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment Magazine