Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The never ending wedding

*Ive been trying to post this all week since before my sisters wedding.  But the few moments I had time to my internet has been spotty.  I lost half of the post with the  pictures because it wouldnt save.  So pretend it is last Friday.  LOL!  Wedding post to come soon.

My sisters wedding is tomorrow.  Im excited and relieved.  Excited for her future happiness and relieved because there seems to be a lot of stress associated with wedding planning.  Take my maid of honor dress which I went to pick up, again, today.  First time the dress didnt fit.  Despite the sample dress STILL fitting me perfectly, the one ordered of the same size did not.  They said the sample was all stretched out.  Mmm, lot of stretch. So they ordered a different size.  Now the top of the dress was way too big.  So they said they would take it in.  A large chain store specializing in dresses and alterations for those dresses should know what they are doing right?  Wrong.  Went to pick up my dress today.  Tried it on and the 'fitting' was ridiculous!  The sides of the bust were bulging with extra fabric and boning.  I look down and see large WHITE stitches just inside the tops edge of my very PLUM dress!  I mean really!  So tonight, between the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner I will attempt to pick it up again.  Luckily its close to the restaurant.

So here is some eye candy from a couple of weeks ago. 

 I found these awesome containers at a yard sale and bought them along with a ceramic white with green lid tea canister, four pieces of silver plate and two advertising thimbles all for $2!  You know my motto-Why spend $50 when you can spend 50 cents!  The middle one without the lid will be a thread catcher somewhere.

Extra!  Fun news!  Do you subscribe to Julie at Intrepid Thread's newsletter?  If not check it out. Her online store is one of my favorite places to get fabric from.   This month I have a pattern for a Simply Charming Tree skirt.  

The newsletter usually comes out on or around the 15th of the month and usually has some nice patterns in it.

***Saturday is the Color Run in Charlotte!  Can't wait!!

keep dreaming...Colleen
Awesome wedding weekend!!!


Nancy@owensolivia said...

I'm so sorry your dress was such a headache! But you look lovely in plum!

Is the Color Run where they throw colored powder on you? Are you running it? Stop by Ikea for me! ;)