Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's that time...taxes!

It is that time of the year and taxes and other stuff around the house have kept me busy this week.  I did little sewing.  Finishing up my DQS13 but no picture at the moment.

I did make a little bag for challenge #3 of Project Quilting.  I like to do at least something small.  

I picked out pink and purples and red scraps and through in a green too.

Then foundation pieced them to a lightweight canvas not really worrying about exposed edges.  I freehand cut some hearts and thread painted them down.

Then I added some words too.

I used a favorite pink with another freehand heart for the back.  I put a red and white polka do for the lining and as the handle.  I decided I didnt like the wide handle and halved it in width.
I also made this weeks Grandmother's Choice block.  #23 True Blue

Last weeks was #22 , as you can see I had a problem with the first finish

I had to get out the ripper and fix it.
Saturday I had a wonderful day with Mom, Dad, Kelly, and Jamie!  We went to Westbend Winery for their annual Valentine's Day free wine/glass/chocolate and music.  It was so lovely we sat outside!  

Later I gave Jamie and Kelly their belated birthday presents.  Jamie got a Penn State mug rug for his office and a Lenox first Christmas ornament.  Kelly got a Hello Kitty small candy jar.  My favorite gift was a recipe box full of hand written recopies from family and friends.  I sent out the recipe cards with instructions at the end of my Christmas letter to hand write a recipe for her.  I received many back and it was so much fun to get all the snail mail!  She loved it!  Funny thing is I actually accidently sent her one in her Christmas card but luckily had cut the p.s. with instructions off of her note.  She called me when she got it but I fobbed her off with an 'oh some got mixed up in my cluttered studio' excuse. 

 Afterward we all went to dinner at Hutch & Harris and had yummy food!

keep dreaming...Colleen
My new mug rug goes perfectly with my chevron plate.
and Im slowly gettin my office at work unpacked-the Peanut Gallery is happy!


Jessica said...

Love the colors you chose (and the quilting) for the bag! So cute! And the chevrons look great together :)

Carrie P. said...

very cute scrappy bag. Love your blocks. Darn! you had to use a seam ripper. Tell me about the Hutch and Harris restaurant, where and what do they serve?