Saturday, March 23, 2013

Project quiting Challenge#6 Hurray Spring!

I saw snow today and its been freezing cold the last few nights so a little spring is needed!  I was sick for challenge #5 so I took my idea of a pillow case using my two Swoon quilt scraps and made it fit this weeks challenge.  My inspiration came from a vintage tree of life quilt block in my collection.

I felt it was the perfect fit for my scraps, many of which were already cut into triangles.  No measurements were taken.  I just laid out the scraps I had and cut them to fit.  

Then I played with the arrangement of colors.  Borders came from left over strips I cut in half lengthwise.  I went to my Denyse Schmidt stash and pulled a white on dark pink/red pin dot in home dec from her Country Fair line.  It matched  nicely with the dark pink on the front and contrasted with the gray Hope Valley outer border.

I quilted it with a wiggle zig zag setting and my walking foot.

'Spring Tree'
16 x16
Lewisville, NC

I made this second pillow case to cover my other winter pillow.  I got rid of the other old worn out pillows that used to be on my couch. Plus it elimates the need to store the pillows.  I just dont have the space.  I still have a few small pillows to cover yet.  Here is the other pillow I made from challenge #4.

***the little general is having a special sale tomorrow from 1-3p with free fat quarters with purchase, and an Easter egg hunt with prizes.

keep dreaming...Colleen
Mom and I were out shopping today and had lunch at Whole Foods
-chocolate raspberry cake gelatto!!  And a German pretzel!


Jessica said...

SO pretty! You did a beautiful job! That's so weird - I was just about to post a pic of the gelato I had yesterday. Great minds think alike!

Carrie P. said...

great idea to just make pillow covers. I have stopped making pillows because I have so many now.
Hope you find some great prizes in the eggs.

Nancy@owensolivia said...

it snowed?? how did i miss that!? your pillows came out lovely as always. i seriously want that gelato!