Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great deals

So with Christmas in less than 48 days I've started my on-line Christmas shopping.  I can't show you what I am buying but I can show yo a few great deals going on right now.

Spoonflower is having 2 for 1 fq until 10pm Nov12th.  This would be great for their tea towel calendars!  Ive made them in the past.  Just be careful as most are made to be printed on linen-cotton which is wider then regular cotton.  I made the mistake one year and ended up with half printed calendars. so with the 2 for 1 deal linen-cotton would be $7 each!  A great deal.

Another great deal right now is at Patchwork threads.  Some of their best sellers are on sale! 

If you are interested in a great pattern for a charmingly easy tree skirt I have a great one in my etsy store.  If you use the code NOV20 you can get if 20% off anything in my store until the end of Nov.

Happy shopping!

keep dreaming...Colleen
Sofia likes to stare at the clock above the cutting table.


Christine M said...

How cute is Sofia!

Lana said...

48 DAYS?????!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I had better step it up!!!! Love your little kitty...and that tree skirt!!!

Karen H said...

Your Celtic Solstice is great - I love your fabric! And I love DS fabric, too. Your Grand Illusion will be great!