Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quilt BLoggers Festival!

I'm so excited to participate in the Quilt Blogger's Festival!  What a great way to see all the wonderful creativity out their!  As I am a reborn quilter this year I don't have much to choose from , but...I do have a quilt I am loving to death!  It is the one I am being selfish with for a change and keeping!  (Why do we always giveaway and not keep our quilts?)
Scrap Happy as I like to call, it is my first quilt using thoroughly modern fabrics.  My stash is definitely stuck in the 1990's. I packed everything away when I moved in 2000.  Illness (cancer) and lack of space (small town home), and then later lack of time (work AND grad school) had pushed quilting into hibernation.

This summer I renovated my second dump room bedroom and created a studio again.  If I can just figure out that darn design wall problem...

Scrap happy is made from Westminster fabric in scrap bags from an awesome quilt shop Karen Gray designs .  I have always LOVED other peoples scraps!

Design is important to me and I documented the pattern as I went along. Figuring out the measurements to make the scrappy strips.

The border fabric was a great graphic floral print from Joann's, that I also used on the back.  I just LOVE the backing fabric, unfortunately I can't remember(or find the selvage ) where I got this fabric from.  I would love to find some more!  Let me know if you recognize it!

I love this quilt so much I dont even know what to do with it!  I slept under it a few nights, folded it all pretty, and now its hanging on the wall!  I need to make finish a few more quilts to give me more to play with!

Thanks for stopping by and keep checking out all the great quilts in the Blogger's Quilt Festival 2010!

Keep dreaming...Colleen aka 'butterflygirl'


Donna said...

Lovely quilt. The colors are so pleasing to the eye. Beautiful! Happy quilting.

Leila said...

what a happy and colourful quilt!

WoolenSails said...

It is a beautiful quilt and your new studio is wonderful.


Deb said...

I, too, am a reborn quilter this year!! However, I don't have a studio as wonderful as yours though! Colour me green!

Your quilt is beautiful. I am loving the variety of modern colours that are available now for quilters, and I love what you have done with them in your quilt.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I love your studio too! Very nice work.

Janet said...

I love your bright fresh fabrics! All the mini quilts on the wall in your sewing centre look awesome too.

Sherry said...

Don't blame you for keeping this one for yourself. I love it. The fabrics are awesome. Wishing you many happy, creative hours in your new studio!

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Keep it, love it, snuggle it. It is a great quilt!!

Thanks for your comment over at stash Manicure on Logan's story.

His mother just emailed me and is touched by all the comments.
Have a wonderful day!

Cheryl Arkison said...

How fun!