Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scrap Happy

Scrap Happy is an original quilt pattern I made this past week. 

Last Saturday I discovered through a friend's recommendation karen gray design fabric store. 

You should check out her wonderful handmade items also!

Karen has links to her blog and online etsy fabric store.  She carries Westminster fabrics, Amy Butler, Kafe Fasset, and more! 

Karen had some great fabrics on sale and while I was perusing them I discovered her scrap bags! 

Why are other people's scraps so appealing?

 Of course I bought a couple-I feel creative inspiration coming on!

So once home I spread out and sorted these 'scraps'-many were 20" by 4" to 10".  Some even longer!  I played with them, arranging them by color and pattern.

Then I sewed the longer strips together to create a piece of fabric.  I forgot to take a picture :o(  Now I know some people must even up all the edges and make the scraps square, but well I'm not some people.  I just sew. 

 I then cut out four 5" wide strips from the fabric. 

I love the variety of the prints, the large scale florals, and the detail of the more graphic modern prints.

I picked a very graphic and colorful Keepsake Calico floral that coordinates with the colors of the scrappy fabrics for the outer border. 

I love the vintage feel that the off white muslin gives the quilt.  I used it for the sashing, first border, and binding. 

The backing is a wonderful bright coral print that keeps with the character of the front. 

I used leftover border fabric to add detail to the back.

I outline and echo quilted the long pieced strips, sashing and borders.

I'm keeping this quilt for me!  I love it! 

Most quilts I have made I have either given away or sold, except for a few small wall hangings.

 I have decided to create this pattern and hopefully you will see it in my Etsy store soon.

I'm recreating Scrap Happy using different fabrics from my stash and here are the strips laid out and ready to sew!

One hint if you have enough fabric cut out two so you can create one to sell and giveaway and one to keep! 

It's my new plan!

Keep dreaming...Colleen aka 'butterflygirl'


alice said...

What a cute way to use up scraps! It looks like a nice quick one for gift giving.

Mariliz's Musings said...

I love it!

WoolenSails said...

I always think other people's quilts look better than mine;)
It is fun to use up scraps and do something different.


Canadian Kristin said...

Love this! I am a super newbie quilter but one day I hope to understand the math enough to come up with a quilt the way you created this original! Well done!

Hands Sew Full said...

That is very cool! I love the Keepsake Calico outer border! I have to learn to use bold!

Deb said...

Love the look of your quilt. The colours are lovely.