Sunday, September 11, 2011


It was the last day of school before Fall break.  A Tuesday,  we were year round at Konnoak.  I was in my second grade classroom on the new hall.  Someone quietly knocked on my door and when I went to it they whispered in my ear.  A plane has hit the World Trade Center.  I felt a little shock and sorrow.  What a horrible accident.  Later another knock, another whisper, another plane has hit the other tower they think we are under attack.  We went on lock down.  When the students finished testing I went to the library.  A group of parent volunteers and staff stood around a TV.  They were supposed to be packing up books so the carpet could be changed during intersession.  Instead they told me a plane hit the Pentagon and one crashed in PA.  I think I was numb.  I don't remember finishing the school day.  I remember students being picked up early.  I remember unnaturally quiet halls and all the staff gathering in the lobby after putting students on buses.  I think we all left quickly.  I remember calling my mom and dad sometime.  My sister was in Greensboro.  The first thing I did when I went home that day was turn on my computer.  I had been to the towers a decade before, to the very top observation platform.



Where were you when the world stopped turning?

Have you forgotten?

God Bless the USA!

Keep dreaming...Colleen