Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Bee block

I finished my block for the Block Swap Adventure Bee.  Samantha said she was up for any block in soft pinks, blues and ivory.  There was a little bit of pressure on as I was her first swap partner and in a sense would be setting the tone for the following blocks.  I looked at my more traditional fabrics as I notcied when I stalked her block she was more tradional with her fabrics.  Then I thought wait...she had not dislikes...and part of this swap is about expressing ourselves. 
 So I picked a Kaffe Fasset, Moda Sugar Pop, a couple others from my stash with an ivory.  Then I pulled out my iphone so I could use this great app

Quick and Easy Quilt block tool is $3.99 and one of the most used apps on my phone!  it has over 100 blocks listed in its index
But what I really like is it shows you how to make the blocks in different sizes, giving quick cutting directions for the segments of the blocks.  I love this for when Im designing I can look up picecs that fit my design and see the measurements to quick cut them.

I highly reccomend this tool.  I choose to do the Dutchman's puzzle for Samantha. 

I love flying geese and there isnt any waste with this cutting method.

I hope she likes it!

keep dreaming...Colleen

This is what I thinking for my DS Quilts mini quilt swap.  Red dots inner border, ash outer, green square and blue flower and scrappy back.


Beezus said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences with this app -- I just went and downloaded it. I'd looked at a couple of others, but was unimpressed. I think this one is just the ticket.

And I LOVE the flying geese block, btw! :)