Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Great Binding Battle

Have you ever done battle with your machine?  You know when you think come heck or high water you are going to finish that block or quilting or that top or that binding no matter what tension-thread-bobbin-needle grief your machine puts you through.  Well I had a real dust up with my Sofia on Sunday.  My goal was to put together and finish my Halloween Scrappy Mug Rug.  And I was going to do it on Sofia, my new fancy computerized sewing machine.  Usually I use my featherweight for piecing and binding and mug rug quilting.  I have only used Sofia for some large FM quilting and embroidery.  No problem.  Then this happened
Can you see the horrible binding on the back of the mug rug...and white thread! 
 I kept wrestling and wrestling and at some point it was me or her.  I didn't even realize I didn't even realize I hadn't changed the bobbin thread!  I was determined to win.  Well the binding got finished but I think Sofia actually won.  Yes I had to take out the binding and redo it by hand and it now looks like this.

The worst part is that in my highly emotional state after the battle I posted the bad binding picture to my flickr group.  Opps!  So I get a little flickr mail very nicely asking me to fix a binding that was not up to standards.  Luckily I had already made the decision to do so .  So I took the bad pic down. 

Moral:  Don't post anything after doing battle with your sewing machine.  

 I am now proudly able to mail this wonderful package to some far away place.  And don't think I'm overly generous in my goodies, just blessed with a 50% sale at Joann's and a 15% teacher discount on top.
Keep dreaming...Colleen


Sara said...

So glad you got the binding all figured out in the end Colleen! It is really cute:)

I was just thinking about the craft show coming up. Hope to be there!

Stray Stitches said...

I think you won the battle in the end. The mug rug is adorable!! The recipient should feel very lucky to receive such a wonderful work of art.

Barb said...

So frustrating when that happens....and some people...good thing you have a sense of humor.