Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kinda back in the saddle

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween string quilt made long ago.
So I've been battling the crud since last Friday and it has had me wiped for the last week.  I managed yesterday to put up some decorations and do some needed shopping.  I am feeling a whole lot better today, but all my sewing has been derailed.  I am now behind on some of my swaps, so I got back in the saddle this afternoon. 
My DS Quilts Doll quilt flickr swap  has to be mailed by Friday. 
I have had the center of the top done for a month.  I had planned to complete it last weekend.  I kind of battled with this quilt.  I felt pushed by the comments of others to change what I had planned to do.  When I had finished the above I hated it and put it aside for a while.  A couple of weeks ago I came up with a solution.  So today I got out the wax paper and pencil and paper pieced my favorite stars.
I really like it now! 
I will back it with another DS Quilts print, machine quilt it (any ideas?) and bind it in the tiny dark blue and red print.  I hope to finish it tomorrow. 

BTW I will mail another swap package tomorrow I managed to finish last Sunday.  This is for a partner very far away and I included some goodies. 

Keep dreaming...Colleen
Im ready for the trcik or treaters!


Barb said...

I do hope you are not getting tooo sick! Enjoyed seeing your blocks!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I love that Doll Quilt you made. I'm not sure what your original plan was - but this is awesome! I recognize the fabrics from your Lets Bee Together month. Have you gotten all your blocks put together yet? I have a plan for mine and bought the fabric to complete - now its all in a bag waiting.. ... someday.
Love your Halloween tree, very fun.
Happy Halloween!

Carrie P. said...

Still feeling bad! ugh! I think that comes with being a teacher!
neat star block.