Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project Quilting Challenge #4

16" x 16"
Lewisville, NC
I've had a busy week with Melody Miller coming in to visit our guild and then teaching a workshop(blog latter).
So the challenge sticks in the back of my mind. Kim always seems to persuade me to do it.    So I was thinking of again using some of my scraps to make a pillow case.  I have two snowman pillows I would like to use year round with switchable covers.  I picked the large scale florals going for the greens and blues especially.  Then I thought about the star and drew out my favorite paper pieced star and found a scrap of red and some gray in the scrap bin. 

 I added the florals.  
I put some of the florals on the back

The whole week since Wednesday Ive been following Quiltcon on instagram, and blogs.  I so wanted to go.  I kept seeing lots of stars for the Lonestar state of Texas.  I I decided to quilt the state of Texas around the star and call it '#nonquiltcon' which is the hashtag for those not at Quiltcon.  
Of course my quilt was there even If I wasnt.  

This was taken by Sarah and 

this was taken by Kathleen Baden whose Rainbow Rocks won 2nd place!

Ive been working on my goals for February and the year.  The last three days-we had a Sew/Snow day Friday-Ive made 
  • a top for a social services lap quilt
  • backing for my wonky log cabin(top made 2010)
  • backing for the Star Trek quilt (blocks from 1993)
  • cat bed for Kalli-cat so she can sleep on my cutting table while I sew
  • 3 blocks to catch up in Grnadmother's Choice BOW
I only have to finish cutting out the parts for my swoon quilt to finish my goals for February.

keep dreaming...Colleen
One of 3 blocks I sent that was put into a charity quilt.  

This one I kept seeing over the heads of all the awesome speakers like David Butler!


Barb said...

I am sure it is fun seeing your block up there...

I love love your pillow.