Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning Time!

It's Spring Cleaning time over at Fingertip Shopping!
I have some fabric to destash.  
Im linking up with some other destashers at the above blog.

*I will send everything cheapest rate.  Im great at stuffing a flat rate envelope.  Leave your name and paypal email address, and the item or items you would like in the comments.  I invoice through paypal only.

#1 Hoffman Celestials fabric $4

#2 Celestial fabric $4

#3 - 80" x 34" Dark blue & green leaf $5

#4 - 54" x wof Jinny Beyer Pallette dark green $5

#5  Dark Teal $4

#6 Green RJR 'Chinese Ornament' $3

#7 Green stripe $4

#8 Small green floral $ 4

#9 - 1/2 yard Nancy Crow green ombre $3

#10 Dark teal $3

#11 Hoffman Grape print $3

#12 red dot $2

#13 - 36" x 46" and 23" x 16" dragon fly embroidered upholstry $7

#14 -fleece:  46x20 orange, 18x36 green, 19 x 28 dark gray  $3

#15 -96"xwof blue plaid $8

#16 - two inch stack of 6" Christmas charm squares $6

#17 Celestial panel 60 x wof $5

#18 yellow Sun fabric $4

#19 Color bar, 4 pieces $5
*20" x wof blues
*19" x wof reds
*1/2 yard and 13" x wof pinks

#20 light blue linen $3

#21 non cotton scarf fabrics $4

#22 books $5 for both

#23 Scrap bag $4

sold#24 med flat rate box STUFFED with woven and printed plaids from 1/4 yards to 2yards $15

Thanks for helping me destash!  Remember to check out the other sales over at Fingertip Shopping!

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Kalli-cat watching Bonnie Hunter on QuiltCam.  
She always turns her head when Bonnie speaks.


Quiltsmiles said...

I'd like to buy from your stash the following items:
#4-Dk Green $5.00
#5 Dk Teal $4.00
#10 Another Dark Teal $3.00
#12 The red dot

Quiltsmiles said...

It's still me to add more of the items are:
#6 Chinese Green $3.00
#19 Color bar 4 pieces $5.00
#20 light blue linen $3.00

All totaled comes to $25.00
my email is

Thanks Colleen

SewCalGal said...

Great items in your de-stash sale. Glad to see you already have some buyers. I'm sure all the buyers of your de-stash items will love them.

And, Kalli-cat is so cute. I hope you enter her in Lilypad Quilting's Annual Pets on Quilt Show this summer.


Donna Hawley said...

I'd like to buy #16 and #23 from your stash. I will pay with paypal and give a shipping address when you reply . Thanks

Donna Hawley said...

guess I had to add this email acct?

Colleen said...

Donna if you will email me with your email. I cannot contact you as you come up as a non reply blogger. If you are still interested in the fabrics. The fabrics you wanted will fit in a Med flat rate box and I will stuff its corned full with additional scraps.