Sunday, January 8, 2017

I'm back form vacation!

Well Im back from my happy place!

Gull Lake in Canada is my favorite place on earth!  It is wild and peaceful and the cold lake i full of great fish to catch!  Our days kind of went like this for two weeks-wake up late, eat breakfast, go fishing/kayaking, eat lunch, nap, go fishing/kayaking, eat dinner, go fishing/kayaking, eat a late night goodie snack, and go to sleep. Sometimes Dad would take me out with my kayak on the back of the Sylvia Jane and drop me off.  Then I would paddle back.  One day I portaged up into Quebec Lake, 

another I paddled back a creek and over a beaver Damn into Deer Lake, and last I paddled up Hsband creek.  After I did the special paddle, I would paddle the 4 or so miles back to camp.

  I would snack along the way and usually be dead tired.  Especially when I would have to paddle against the cross winds. I LOVED IT!