Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Project Quilting Creations over the years

Memories have been popping up on Facebook, I've been organizing my photos in flickr, and cleaning out my sewing room.  All of these have prompted me to do a Project Quilting recap over the seasons I have participated.  

What is Project Quilting you ask?  I first learned about it during a weekly quilt tweet chat years ago.  Every other week a new challenge would be given with one week to finish to be eligible for prizes. I LOVE a challenge! It pushes me and my creativity!  I often used it for specific purposes I had in mind.  Click on title of each piece for more details. So here is the review, I hope you participate in the upcoming challenges.

This year, 2017 season 8,  challenge 1: 8 is Great!

title:  On the 8's
pattern:   original
size:  54 x 54

2016: Season 7
Challenge 1: Confetti

pattern:  adaptation of Gina Allen
size:  table runner (gifted)

challenge 2: Seasons

pattern: original
size: 28x28

Challenge 3: All About Thread

title:  Helical Ridge
pattern: original
size: 28x20

Challenge 4: I Need a Vacation

pattern: Adaptaion of Quick Curve Ruler trees 
size:45 x 57.5

Challenge 5: Through the Eyes of a Child

title: Eye Spy Peanut (gifted)
pattern: original
size:36 x 43

Challenge 6: A Goose in the Monkey Wrench

title: Hello Peanut (gifted)
pattern: original
size: 35 x 35

Season 6 Challenge 1: Trees

pattern: original
size:  32 x 32

Challenge 2: Sunrise/Sunset

title: Sun Colors
pattern: original
size: 28 x 32

Challenge 3: Orphan Blocks/UFOs

pattern: original
size: 6x4

Challenge 4: Have a heart

title: Kitten Love (swapped)
pattern: original
size: 28 x 28

Challenge 5: My Favorite Fabric

pattern: Gina Fornecker
size: 56 x 64

Challenge 6:  Isn't that Charming

patterns:  original
size: 16 x 20

Sesaon 5 challenge 3:  Sweet Treats

pattern: original
size: 35 x 35

Challenge 4:  Across the Universe

title: Totality of Existence
pattern: original
size: 20 x 20

challenge 5: Triangles

title: Crafty Baby (gifted)
pattern: orginal
size: 39 x 39

Season 4:  Challenge 1 Square in a Square
title: square square dot dot
pattern: original
size:18 x 60

Challenge 3: Annie's Vision
title: heart wishes
pattern: original
size: 8.5 x 7

Challenge 4 Wish Apon a Star
title: Texas Star
pattern: original
size 20 x 20

Challenge 6: Hurry Spring

title: Spring Tree
pattern: original
size: 20 x 20

keep dreaming...Colleen

Adaline and her cousin Natalie enjoying on of her quilts (she has 5 now!)


Unknown said...

LOVE your look past at all those great quilts and interpretations on the challenges. You have some awesome talent girl! Glad to know ya. Hugs.

Everyone Bepic said...

Ooh, that was a great roundup. I see you love bright scrappy quilts!

Have fun with the next challenge!

Susan said...

That was so much fun to scroll through. If I'd gone bottom up, it would have been a nice view or your growth as an abstract/improv/art quilter. =)