Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foto Finish-flowering trees

I know what you are thinking, where is the tree?  When I saw the topic-Flowering Trees-I immediately thought of this picture.  Do you notice the pink petals everywhere?  My neighbor had two beautiful flowering pink ornamental cherries.  Every spring the one closet to my patio and garden would rain petals down until my patio and garden were a sea of pink.  Above my late cat Opus was always a little scared and confused by the fragrant pink petals.  Sadly my neighbor rented their townhome and the person who moved in tried to trim some of the branches.  They ended up letting the tree open to disease and it died.  The other tree's petals don't reach my garden.  So no more pink spring rain.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

My Dad's Ram pulling their Coleman camper
at the end of our recent camping trip.


Bailey said...

I love the flowering trees of Spring! Never thought about the mess they would make, though you seem to not mind it too much? And your cat - super cute...I can't believe he liked being on a leash!

Barbara said...

Oh, sad! So sorry about the tree. I love flowering cherries. They remind me of Hostess Snowballs. Thanks for posting to Foto Finish.

quiltzyx said...

It's great how many different stories we have this week with Foto Finish!
It's sad what happened to the cherry tree, I would miss the pink petals too.

MareeR said...

Some people would be annoyed at what they perceive to be mess from someone elses tree but like you I would be happy as before the petals drop you have also had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful tree. I have a large kowhai tree(native to New Zealand) which has beautiful yellow flowers which attract Tuis ( a native New Zealand bird) to the garden. A few years ago it had an exceptional year in flower which was followed by quite srong winds. My neighbours were annoyed with the amount of petals blowing down their drive. It also annoys my husband because the fine leaves blow off and land in our swimming pool but I refuse to get rid of the tree because it is a thing of beauty all year round and the swimming pool is only used for a few short months of summer. I would rather just scoop the leaves out.