Saturday, April 30, 2011

Foto finish-Wildlife

Foto Finish-Wildlife
So I went on a little kayak trip today on Mom and Dad's lake.  I met this guy when I trapped him with my crab net.  As you can see he was not so happy with me.  The following pictures were taken with my iphone 3gs and are better then I thought they would be.

Bottom of the turtle. 
Funny thing is on the way home I had to stop and move a box turtle from the middle of the road.  But I forgot to take a picture.

This is a video of me releasing said wildlife and explaining why the lake is so low.

My usual feet (very muddy) and kayak bow shot.

One of the exposed stumps. worn smooth by the water.

This tree is usually floating just under the water.

This stump is just off the ladder from our dock,  It is fun to stand on when its in about 4.5 feet of water

This is Princess Jasmine or Jazzy Girl as I like to call her.  My Dad's baby who I freed from the basement to frolic with me down by the lake.  There was a lot of wildlife to see off of the dock
small water turtles
large snapping turtles
blue heron
sand pipers
Canada geese
giant carp

And here is the trash I collected. 

I could only speculate on the axe head laying in the remains of a formerly submerged stump.  Was it once stuck in the tree?

And here is me with my (muddy)feet up, in the sun, with a strong breeze, reading my book, with Jazzy Girl purring at my side.

And one last picture of wildlife

a ladybug on the dock.

Keep dreaming...Colleen

Some more wildlife and another Big Gull Lake, Canada picture this time
with Grandmother.  I was a little doll!


WoolenSails said...

That is the great thing about kayaking, you can go anywhere, and not get stuck.


Barbara said...

Really wonderful images, Colleen. Thanks for poting to Foto Finish.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I haven't seen a turtle in a long time. Nice photo!

quiltzyx said...

Terrific shots Colleen. Mr. Turtle sure did zip away once he hit the water, didn't he?
Jazzy Girl is gorgeous - nice to sit in the sun, reading & being purred on!

Thanks for sharing with us.