Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playing Catch up

So I need to play a little catchup.  I have had a lot to blog about the last three weeks but have not seemed to have the time or energy to do so.  So I will just throw it all out there in the order I can find and upload the many pics I have taken.

First I need some advice on the relay quilt.  This has taken longer then I planned because you can never really plan for life.  I had 150 5" squares sent to me from Australia for the quilt.  They blue and green purple.  I want to use them for the border.  I laid them out along side the star blocks and think they go well.  What do you think?
I could even make it double as I have plenty of squares.  I will use some on the back too.  I need to make two more star blocks-one in memory of my grandmother and one in memory of my grandfather.  I have already made one in memory my dad's mom and in memory of the mom of a student at my school who I knew.
I also received the most amazing quilt from The Bella Modiste for the DQS10!

She included some fun fat quarters, that I am even now contemplating using. 
It is amazing how well it fits me.  Everytime I look at it I imagine myself kayaking through the reeds on my favorite lake in Canada.

She even put in the blue dragonflies that are everywhere there.
My dad made the comment a month or so ago when I had stopped by, where is his mug rug?

I made this one for mom because she only had a Christmas one,

 and I had made my sister this one for her birthday to replace her Christmas one. 

I had to make this one. 
Monkey wrench pattern with tool fabric and blue plaid shirt like material.  If you look closely the wood print has nail heads quilted on it and looks like a deck-my dad loves to build things and just built another deck.  And...

this is the back!  Red sports cars...he always wanted a red Corvette!
Ignore the wonkiness-the stretch of the blue plaid and the freakiness of my Kenmore was messing with me.  It seemed to fit Dad anyway!  And do you know mom said today he wants to know why his is smaller that mom's?  I should point out I made him the biggest Christmas stocking and isn't that more important?
My wonky Kenmore reminds me, I got lucky last week and ...

bought a Babylock Sofia!  Yeah!  Isnt she pretty?  Well 1/2 yeah as it is in layaway, but...wait to you hear the deal I got!  Its a couple of months old and the person who bought it decided she needed to upgrade and relaly did not use it.  It does a little embroidery, which is all I want to do.  Most importantly for me is it will machine quilt!  The price was about half the regular price with all warrenties intact and free unlimited classes and help from my LQS!  Yeah! 
I received this lovely block in March for the Block Swap Adventure from my second partner Brenda. 

I love it!  She really made the perfect block to go with the other three!

I have decided to be optimistic and designate these blocks for the quilt I want for my future camper.  The colors, and the animals in each block make it perfect for that purpose.  BTW I accidentally sent a thank you to my April partner!  LOL!  She did!  That's what happen when you double up one month and are in too many swaps!
So that catches us up a little.  I still need to blog about Bee Creative, Stone Mountain treasures, and more...
Oh in case you missed my last post,
I made the top 100 in the Accuquilt Barn Quilt Designcontest! 

 Please go here and vote for my design.  I am listed as Colleen Y.
Keep dreaming...Colleen

Today through driving rain and wind Mom, dad, & I
checked out a local RV open house-free food-yum!


LynCC said...

Wow!! The dragonfly quilt really is amazing. :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh think those squares work nicely with your stars and a second row would give some more dimension/design element. Isn't it so male to complain theirs is smaller! lol!! Just a special treasure - love the nature DQ and I so thought of a photo you once posted of lake and kayaking. Perfect. Congrats on the new machine - soon it will be home and you are going to wow us with new projects.

Joanna said...

Love your Dad's mug rug and the red car fabric. Getting a Babylock is super. Lucky you.