Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lost in flickr land

Ok I have been AFAQ (away flickring and quilting)!  I have been busy discussing these beauties

Yes its Denyse Schmidts new collection at Joann's DS Quilts Picnic

and Fairground.

I have been gabbing with the other addicts enthusiasts at this flickr group.  There is all kinds of good gossip going on as well as updates on where to find the fabric.
They had all 21 at th Joann's in Winston-Salem, NC though I could only see about 19 today, but I didnt go searching.  I also saw the bolts above at the store in Greensboro, NC. 
I hav also been blocking on my swap blogs.  From my online bee Block Swap Adventure.  These are the ones I have been sent so far.

I love them!  Im thinking by the end of the year this may become my camper quilt.
I also recently sent this one to Sunny of Cozy Cottage

She asked for a basket block and I filled the basket with wool felt violets I cut with my Westminster dies used in my Sizzix Big Shot.
I recetly picked up this cute little porcelin box with violets. 

It is without a lid but that's ok because you know it will make a great pin cushion.
**BTW I was supposed to be sewing tonight but we have severe weather again including tornado warnings so i am down stairs with the news.  At one point they said "cloud rotation N of 421 in Lewisville moving toward Robinhood rd and Meadowlark RD"  and I was up like a shot and ran to the front door-that's were I am!  The neighbors came out exactly the same time and we all looked up and around.  We could see the dark clouds swirling abouve but luckily it was too wide and not formed enough to funnel.  I went with the laptop/tv receiver installed into the downstairs abthroom.  Mom called from far away and asked if I was in there! LOL she knows me so well!  Still warnings but it doesnt look like anything else is coming near me so Im going up to get ready for bed. 

Oh when I was in the bathroom I had trapped Kalli in with me.  She kept crying and I thought she just wanted out and then she peed on the floor!  LOL what a night!

Keep dreaming...Colleen

I made a pillow for Pat (see previous post) too.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Why do people go outside, look out a window or plate glass door? As soon as I hear any warning, I get my MOM and down into the cellar we go - no looking or waiting. My bro and SIL do the same. We have been thru 3 tornados, safe is better than sorry. I would have bought the porcelian too, and love all your blocks.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I'm in Atlanta, and the major TV station has pre-empted all shows and is showing nothing but the weather report. They've already had a tornado a mile wide right inside the Georgia state line. Scary stuff. It's not supposed to be finished working it's way past my area until around 2 a.m. I'll probably be up watching and waiting the entire time. I'm flying out tomorrow for San Antonio, and hope I don't doze off and completely miss something (like my flight!). I'm praying for those people in Alabama. They've already had some people killed. My Lord, what in the world??? This is like the 5th dangerous weather formation we've had in four weeks.

Joanna said...

I too have read alot about the Denise Schmidt collection that's available at Joann's. I'm not familiar with her designs, but I trust it's really neat fabric from all of the talk. Love your blocks and 3D basket block. Keep safe.